Monday, June 26, 2006

Could the Yankees have any more injuries? They have lost their left fielder, and their right fielder. Damon, in center, is playing hurt and could use a few games off. Various members of the bullpen have missed games. And Pavano hasn't pitched in two years. Now, Cano is hurt. And the friggin' Sox just keep on winning. Bernie Williams was supposed to be a back up outfielder. Around just to give a rest to the other guys. Now, he's a regular. They just have to stay close enough, then when everyone is back, spank the Sox.


savvy said...

Boo-freakin hoo, the poor Yankees and their near 200 million dollar payroll have a few injuries. Let's examine the "poor" Yanks... Former MVP (and juicer) Giambino is still playing. Prince of NYC Derek Jeter still there. Last Years MVP Alex "A-hole" Rodriguiez is still there. Robinson Cano is a young kid hitting around 330. Damon was the free agent stud you stole from the Red Sox. Posada has won a bunch of rings with this team. Bernie is a proven veteral. Granted, there are 3 younger guys getting pt now (Cabrera, Phillips, and Cairo), but still, with forver World Series MVP Randy Johnson, Mussina, Whang... dude, the Yanks still can afford to absorb injuries that no one else can and still produce... cry me a river