Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get off my @ss!

When I'm driving, it doesn't matter where or how fast, someone is going to tailgate me. I could be going 25 (legal speed limit) on a city street or doing 70 on the GSP (speed limit 65) and I can guarantee that someone is right on my butt. Saturday morning at 7 a.m., and someone is right behind me. Doesn't anyone keep a safe distance any more? Also, it seems (ok, I'm paranoid) it is always an oversized SUV behind my little Scion. Talking about SUV's, a couple days ago, I was at Home Depot, and some woman was trying to get out of a parking space with her Suburban. Now, a Suburban is one big ol' SUV. And she could not get out of the spot in 5 minutes and numerous attempts. Naturally she wound up blocking the row, so no cars could pass. It was funny watching the cars all beeping at her. Maybe she should get a vehicle she can handle rather than a tank-like truck.