Thursday, October 30, 2008

How New Jersey Are You?

I found this quiz and was disappointed I'm only 88% New Jersey. It may have been the following questions: I used to work in a gas station, so I know how to pump gas and I've never been to Midgetville, and have no idea what color the Empire State Building was this week)

You Are 88% New Jersey!

Wow, you're totally Jersey. There's no doubt about it. Congratulations, and always be proud to be Jersey--it's a great thing to be!

How New Jersey Are You?
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If you were a winner of my chocolate giveaway and haven't contacted me yet, please do ASAP. Use the email address on the sidebar. Thank you.

Sorry if it looks like I phoned it in, but the roofers were back again, and interrupted my nap.


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MA Fat Woman said...

Chocolate giveaway? You're giving away chocolate...Geesh, what planet have I been on? :)

Lipstick said...

Many thanks for your comment today!

And also...I checked out Suburban Psychosis--she is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Lauren said...

I bet I'd fail your NJ quiz too and WTH is up with a NY question in a NJ quiz???

Yummy on my chocolate win. :)

Chica said...

Don't feel bad Joe, although it says I am 20% Jersey, and considering that I have never been there, that's pretty darn good. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ MA: I dunno.

@ Lipstick: I thought you'd like it. I don't usually drop links, but that one was so good.

@ Lauren: I have no idea why a NY question showed up.

@ Chica: That 20% is all NJ attitude. That's a good thing :)

eve cleveland said...

Y'all won't be surprised to know that I am 14% New Jersey. I would laugh if someone called it anything but a "Coke" no matter what it was. Tell me more about Midgetville....maybe I can dump Jitters there.

~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

hehehe... I just had to go see the "Joyzee" quiz. Pop = the sugary stuff I'm drinking right now that keeps the weight on me. Soda = hilarious.

Somehow, I still managed to be 28% New Jersey :-P

Thanks for posting the link to this. I used to visit a site called "quizbox" that reminded me of this site... user created quizzes with a search option. They got rid of the site and I haven't seen anything like it in years.

Bradley said...

I've only driven through New Jersey, yet I scored 35%. I must have learned a lot along the way.

Chat Blanc said...

damn those roofers! don't they know the importance of naps? what kind of barbarians are they??

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I've never been to Jersey so I'm not Jersey at all. Have a great day even though you can't take your nap. :)

Judy said...

Too funny...Not takin' test...haven't taken ANY tests since I thot was pregnant @ age 50! YIKES. Love your blog and have shared my awards with you. You can pick them up from my blog at any time!

Da Old Man said...

@ Eve: Midgetville is a small town composed of--midgets. Jitters would be quite happy there.

@ Shadow: New Jersey has cities with Canadian names, so that may explain it. I was born in New Brunswick, NJ. When I was little, I thought I was Canadian.

@ Bradley: You must be a fast learner

@ Chat: They finished yesterday, so my nap scheule has resumed.

@ Sandee: You're missing a lot. We are more than NY's irritating little brother.

Da Old Man said...

@ Judy: I can understand why you have test anxiety. Thanks, I'll stop by.

Suburban Psychosis said...

I gotta go see how New Jersey I am!

I tagged you. Go to my blog for directions ;)

Jenn Thorson said...

I'm 68% New Jersey-- apparently my moving to PA has impaired my New Jerseyness.

PS- I totally forgot about Action Park!

Da Old Man said...

@ Suburban: Thanks. I visit every day.

@ Jenn: You've been Pennsylvanized. :(