Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gawd, I love the internet

Fellow bloggers and my two semi-devoted readers

Did you ever really get into a post, and then suddenly read what you have written, and say WTF?

I just did. I deleted one of the longest, dumbest rants I ever wrote, and you are better people for it.

No need to thank me. Your continued patronage is thanks enough.

To make it up to you, I was going to post a really nice picture I took.

But I suck as a photographer.

So I took a cue from the old Ed Sullivan Show. Anyone who is old enough to remember Ed, knows when the show slowed down, it was time for either plate spinners, or Chinese acrobats.

Going one better than Ed, here are some Chinese plate spinning acrobats.

Why isn't the comments button showing up?

I should add a line.


Nicole said...

Excuse me but I am not semi-devoted..I am fully devoted to reading this blog. It is the number one thing on my to do list everyday!!!!

Da Old Man said...



Julya Lim said...

thoose wtf type entries are the best! they're juicy and raw, full of emotion and honesty!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said... I 'm wondering what you wrote! ;)

The Offended Blogger said...

How dare you tease us with WTF? worthy content only to replace it with silly acrobatics!

I demand a refund. :)

Da Old Man said...

Ed McMahon will be delivering your giant novelty checks soon giving a full refund.

shyne said...

What nicole said....:-)

Daisy said...

Ha! Well, it probably wasn't the intent of the plate spinners, but you posting that video of them gave me a good laugh. Thanks I needed that today! :D