Monday, June 02, 2008

I could use a hand

Yesterday, my nephew suggested I get a dog or cat to keep me company during the day. Also, I'm sure I've read they help lower blood pressure, which would make me healthier, plus I would be inclined to walk it or play, and that would be good exercise.

I got to thinking about it, and I had a better idea. Dogs and cats are good companions, but to be honest a lot of work. They poop and eat, and don't do much more. Some make good guard dogs, but I'd want a Pappillon, and they don't exactly inspire fear in burglers and other no goodniks.


"Back off, Dude. I'm a badass"

So, I decided after much thought......

I want a helper monkey.


It would be great. She could help me dust, keep the house clean, and generally be helpful.

With my luck, though, I'm sure this is what would happen



shyne said...


A new puppy just arrived here and I'm with you!
A "helper monkey" sounds perfect!

Nicole said...

Lol that is exactly what would happen, except minus the beer-add in a labtop for the monkey to blog with and a tv for you guys to watch together while blogging =)

Susie said...

That does invoke no fear! But what a cute little face! If you do get anything, go to a local no kill shelter, we have had the best of luck with the 100.00 cats!

No more kitty-vicious... that was the name of the one that made his way into our home one rainy Hallow's eve. Should have been a sign!

Da Old Man said...

I won't be getting any pets anytime soon. The Crotchety Old Lady is highly allergic.
If I were to get a dog or cat, I would definately go either the shelter or rescue group route, though. Anytime I had a pet in the past, that's where they came from, except for the goldfish, of course.