Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Are voters racist? Hillary getting a bad deal

The media has been all over Hillary Clinton to quit the race. They seem to be skewing the news, as she "barely wins in Indiana," while Obama "wins in a landslide" in North Carolina. And, again, two huge states, Michigan and Florida, don't count because the DNC decided they did not have the right to move up their primaries.

What a total bunch of nonsense.

It was just announced on TV that African American voters in No. Carolina voted 94% for Obama. WTH???

He is getting those votes only because he is black. Clinton has done at least as much (probably more) for the black community than Obama ever has, yet she is virtually shut out? I can understand if Obama had a huge majority among blacks, but 94%? Racism, pure and simple.

I don't really have a dog in this fight, I guess, because I won't vote for either one. I'm a registered Democrat, but can't in good conscience vote for either one in the Presidential election. I'm not voting for McCain, either. I'm one of those who wastes his vote by choosing either a Libertarian or Green candidate. Not that I believe any of those have a chance in hell of winning, but it is impossible to pull the lever for one I have no faith in at all.

It's tough being a compassionate Conservative. Bush ruined that for us. He is neither, although that is the bill of goods he sold the voters in 2000.


shyne said...

I would happily welcome a viable third party. But, there's no guarantee it wouldn't go the way of the others.

I'm a registered Republican, consider myself a compassionate Conservative with very strong leanings towards Libertarianism.
I've crossed party lines before, voting for the person who best fits my ideas on issues.
It seems I don't have a real choice this time.

I don't think Hillary should quit.
I absolutely don't think the DNC should step in and disfranchise the voters.
What a mess!

Babchi said...

So who is going to make the better puppet? What a waste of money, time and air space...Meanwhile, our boys are dying or being maimed. I am so totally disappointed.

M. said...

Sorry you feel that way.

I am black. And I voted for Obama in my state primary. Why? Not because he's black, but of the candidates he represents a relative outsider to the political process.

He's got a few skeleton's in the closet, but who doesn't. But he doesn't appear to pander to the base instinct of pleasing the electorate because it's a feel good idea (the gas tax holiday).

Sometimes any change is good.

If you don't vote, that's your choice. I hope between now and November you find one of the candidates palatable enough to add your voice, but I guess sometimes no vote is a vote in it's own way.