Saturday, May 17, 2008

I humbly apologize

According to the Telegraph (

As if they didn’t already have enough problems on their hands fat people are now being blamed for global warming.
British scientists say they use up more fuel to transport them around and the amount of food they eat requires more energy to produce than that consumed by those on smaller diets.

According to a team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine this adds to food shortages and higher energy prices.

Researchers Phil Edwards said: “We are all becoming heavier and it is a global responsibility. Obesity is a key part of the big picture."

It's not bad enough I'm a fat bastard, with the weight of the world on my shoulders, I am a weight on the world.

I'm working on it, though. Slowly. Maybe too slowly. But I am now so guilt ridden, I am inspired to do more to get in shape. Not for me or my children, but for yours.
And the polar bears.


The Bush administration is considering putting the polar bear on the endangered list, but oil drilling in Alaska would be impacted, so basically, for now, it's "F the polar bears."

So, I'm sticking up for the polar bears by giving up fried Twinkies. Sounds like a fair trade off. Win-win. Except for the company that makes Twinkies, of course.

Now I'm off to do something about those greenhouse gases.

I had nothing to do with them.

I swear.

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Pull my finger


Benny Greenberg said...

Pull my finger...

Fat - farts and facetious - all in one post...

Gotta Love it

Da Old Man said...

The trifecta of blogging.

Noemi said...

Pulled your, very funny post. On the serious side, though, this highlights the tendency of man to point out the less critical - but easier - target (fat people as opposed to big countries emitting more pollutants), doesn't it?

savvy said...

damn global warmer!!!

GumbyTheCat said...

I see we covered the same "study". My take: