Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Insurance Companies Suck

I wasn't sure what I was going to rant about today. Man's inhumanity to man has been done to death. Social injustice has become so passe.

Then, the phone rang. It was my doctor's office. My insurance company, Aetna, (motto, "We're going to get ya") does not want to pay my claims. Forget that I pay more than half my monthly income for crappy insurance that doesn't include scripts, they don't even want to pay for shit that should be covered.

I'm paying $650 per month for "coverage" that hardly includes anything.

By the way, anyone who ever thought "Disabled Person" was a good career choice, read that part again about $650 being more than half my monthly income. You may want to reconsider.

I'm not looking for something for nothing. I just want them to pay for what they had contracted.

My mother passed away over a year ago, and my sister is still fighting with insurance companies to pay her final medical bills. My mother was never sick a day in her life until her last year, so they had many years of scoffing up the premiums. Yet, when it became time for the insurance companies to pay up, they have become quite reticent, and slow. Heaven forbid if they weren't paid up front, but now, when it's time for them, they just drag their heels and put my sister through all kinds of nonsense.

When I became disabled, I put in a claim for my insurance (that I paid for) to pay my car payments for 1 year. They "lost" my doctor's forms so many times, I just stopped, and accepted that they weren't about to honor the agreement.



Catherine said...

I feel ya on the income thing. We would starve if we had health insurance.

pamela said...

I knew a lady who quit her job at an insurance company because she was told to turn all claims down whether they were legit or not because some people would not fight it and that is money saved!!!!

I was in a fight like that when I had my third child and my husband lost his job.The company we had raised their rates and charged me as much as a delivery without ins. and then then told me I was covered for 80% of my bill. That is a rotten deal right there.

They then did not pay the bills when they were sent and creditors were on my phone constantly.

I called the ins company and told them that I was calling the local news to let people know that a person can pay their bills on time and than be ruined by the ins companies, and that it was cheaper by 20% to go to the hospital without them.......I had my bill paid in full in two days.

Da Old Man said...

I wonder if insurance companies get away with this stuff because they are major political contributors with tons of lobbyists?

shyne said...

Good question, DOM.

I think Pamela hit the nail on the head with this...."because some people would not fight it and that is money saved!!!!"

Sad.....too many people get messed with and end up with serious hardships.

Dee said...

It is a damn shame and ought not to be tolerated. No wonder America is so low on the totem pole for health care.

pamela said...

I think da old man hit the nail on the head too. They own banks too you know.
Now, though many do not realize it, they buy your shopping info from the places that you shop with reward cards.Guess what they do to your rates if they do not like your eating habits?

Bradley said...

My ex wifes aunt had a job with an insurance company. Her job was to find any minuscule reason to be able to turn down all claims. The sick thing is she liked it.

As another full-time disabled person, I'm grateful California has a good medical system....well, better than most I should say.

Lucy said...

My eyes popped out of my head when I saw how much you pay for health insurance. That really sucks. I complained when I the Oz government instigated a $5 co-pay per doctor visit here. (I found a doctor who bulk bills for people on low incomes) so we pay nothing now. It is criminal how much you are charged over there, and then they don't even cough up and meet their side of the bargain when you need them to.

Paula said...

Well written article.