Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Killing Electrons

Today, I have no particular point to this post, so I'm just going to slaughter innocent eletrons for our amusement.

OK, mainly for mine.

The worst part about not having a job is not being able to take a day off. I had a bad night last night, only getting about 2 hours sleep. So, after getting up this morning, I had no one to let know that I'm going back to bed. Instead of my usual day of hanging around the house and doing nothing, I'll be hanging around and doing nothing.


I'll spend my day preparing to go to the doctor tonight. It takes me about an hour to get ready, but I spend considerable time thinking about it. This is the monthly podiatrist visit. He whacks at my wounds with a scalpel, turning my foot into little more than a bleeding stump. It only hurts a little while he is doing it, but tomorrow it will hurt like hell. I'll be kind and not post a picture of my foot, but if anyone truly wants to see it, I posted a picture of it on my Diabetes blog a few days ago. It's disgusting.

You were warned.


~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

"The worst part about not having a job is not being able to take a day off." - my new favourite quote of all-time.

I'm sorry to hear about your foot (and I definitely don't want to see the picture)... good luck tomorrow.

bchbear said...

I DO NOT want to see those pics again, once was enough. lol
Good luck.

Dee said...

I had to look as you knew someone would. I have heard about the effects of diabetes but have never seen this.You are doing a good thing publicizing it.

Why does he whack at the wounds?

By the way have you ever heard of the benefits of green papaya. It is used in my country papaya as medicine

shyne said...

I hope your post*doctor*whacking day goes take care of yourself, hear?

Da Old Man said...

Doctor did a lot of whacking last night. Hurts like heck this morning. The foot is infected, so I'm on Cipro.

Dee said...

Oh Man Old Man. I don't like hearing that. What are the prospects for healing. I hope the cipro is working.

shyne said...

Hoping your foot feels better today and the Cipro is doing its thing fast.

Sending you healing thoughts....:-)

Da Old Man said...

Thanks for all the positive words. The Cipro seems to be working.

I don't know if it will ever heal. When my toe was amputated Jan '07, a tendon was cut that lets my foot fall flat. So, in essence, I walk on the side of my foot.