Friday, May 02, 2008

The Democrats are confusing me

I don't under stand why so many are coming out and saying Hillary should drop out of the race and get behind Obama. I'm confused for a number of reasons. First, would be that the race is still close. By her just dropping out, when the race is still very tight, and a number of voters haven't been heard yet, sounds, for lack of a better term, not very democratic.

Secondly, her dropping out without a winner being decided makes anyone who supported her insignificant, as if they don't count. If I back someone and they lose, I could deal with that, but if they were pressured to quit while it was still a race, I would be offended.

Third, the logic that by focusing on each other rather than McCain, is destructive and is a faulty premise. The American voting public has a short memory, at best. The all-important first primary was in New Hampshire. How many people can name all the candidates? Mrs. Clinton came in first, Obama came in second. I doubt few people can name who came in 3rd, or any of the other high rated candidates, let alone some of the fringe ones. The Democratic National Convention is in August. 10 weeks is more than enough time to decide. These folks are not exactly unknowns. I think they are selling the American public short by assuming we need more than 10 weeks to make a decision.

Let the registered voters decide. If it is still undecided come August, let it be dealt with it then. That is democracy in action.


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They are boring me to tears!

One more try at posting a link to a funny article on the length of the Dem primary -

Check out "Democratic primary lamer than field day."