Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Mind is a Terrible Thing Part 2

Those who know me well fully understand that my mind works in a weird way.

Things set me off that don't even register for the normal person. The truly wacky part is I am drawn to things that I know are going to set me off.

One thing that can, and often does really get me depressed is certain TV shows. I truly have a love-hate relationship with my TV. One program in particular causes me to become either depressed or enraged, and oftentimes both. It can set me into the deepest realm of the most dark green-black chasms of despair, with suicidal tendencies. I become overwhelmed with self-loathing, the likes of which few men have ever cast upon themselves. Other times, it can make me white hot with fury, the kind few men have endured.

What show can do this? Which one can inspire such negative emotions within me?

By now, most have probably guessed the answer. No show puts me on such a negative emotional roller coaster as Antiques Roadshow.

Something about it just pisses me off, yet like a 15 car pile-up on the interstate, I have to watch. I try to convince myself that this episode will be different. This time I will learn about antiques and a bit of history, and not delve into the deep morass that is the blackness in the hole in my soul.

But no, once again those bastards at PBS, one of whom is surely the Antichrist, compels me to watch and destroy my inner self.



Santa gets an appraisal


Susie said...

Okay, turn it around dear old crotchety man and get your self to garage sales and seek out some of those antiques! :)

I will agree to disagree with this, sometimes it can be educational, but that moment, when the idiot has the Marilyn Monroe autographed picture, a baseball card of Joe DiMaggio and it's signed to Marilyn..they tell her the value..and she goes.. no idea..THAT drives me nuts! Do your flipping research!

Da Old Man said...

That drives me crazy, too. Yesterday's episode the woman had these "mysterious" marks on her pottery. She researched and couldn't find out what RP stood for.

She never could figure out it stood for Rookwood Pottery, only one of the most well-known American potters.

Catherine said...

Ok, you say do your research but where do you start? I have some goblets, silver, and china plates that I want to research and I don't know where to start.

As for Antique Roadshow, makes me want to scream. Because none of them answer their email.

JD from hoeno said...

Me too, I get mad at the show at least 4.7 times every time I watch it. One minute they have some intricate thing that I love and they say it's worth $150 dollars and then they pull out an ugly green lamp made by some jackass I've never heard of and act like it's the greatest work of art in the world and say it's worth at least 15k. Then I have to buy a new TV set after I kick the screen in... Then comes all the psychiatric help for me when I wear myself out throwing things. It's sad really.

Da Old Man said...

Catherine, the easiest way to start is to make a copy of the marks.

Then take a trip to Barnes and Noble or Borders or any large bookstore. They have the newest and best books on the subject. Pick up a few of the books showing different marks, etc., buy a cup of coffee, and sit at a table with the books and dig through them.

An alternative is to post the pictures (esp the marks) at an ebay board specializing in silver or china, and see if someone can at least tell you some information. I still would read to confirm anything, but it will save a lot of time since you would know what section to start in.

shyne said...

I like AR...:-)
Some people are clueless (I can relate) about their stuff but I find the program interesting.
What strikes me is the wealth of treasures found in attics/etc ....not mine, of course.

Christy's had a traveling team of appraisers visit this area some years ago. For $10 you could bring three items.
You got to stand out in the hot sun for several hours, waiting for your number to come up. Then an hour indoors, waiting to be called.
But, once you got in, the people had a wealth of was fun.

I agree with posting pics and info on an ebay board....I did it a couple of times and it was a great jumping off place for research.