Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Shopping Spree

Summer's over. Yeah, sadness overload.Photobucket I want to cheer youse up.

So, I have scoured the internet for youse to find some products that you never knew you needed, and now will not be able to live without.

First up, of course, is chocolate covered bacon.


What's not to like? It's chocolate, and loaded with porky goodness. Or would it be bacon, with cocoa deliciousness? Either way, we all need to get some.

Next, direct from my fat guy catalog, are the ultimate toenail clippers because my toes are inconveniently so far away from my hands:


Notice the handy magnifying glass, so my big toe will be absolutely friggin huge. No longer will we ever have to have claw~like appendages topping our piggies. (notice how the porcine theme continues.)

And lastly, just because it makes me laugh


Don't forget ettarose, who has suffered tremendously as she lost all her feeds. Time is running out, and only you can prevent forest fires she is counting on you.


The jokes are chocolate covered at:


Matt said...

If I never hear the term ''porky goodness'' again, it'll be too soon.

Lauren said...

You had me UNTIL the clipper photo. BLECH!

FishHawk said...

I wonder what that hawg scooter sounds like--squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal???

ettarose said...

I wonder who the hell would ruin perfectly good bacon by covering it in chocolate. Blech!

eve cleveland said...

Finally, I can clip my toenails and fry up some bacon at the same time!I'm getting out my chocolate fountain now. Thanks, Man.

MA Fat Woman said...

I'm all about that chocolate bacon;it's cheaper than real bacon and have you ever try to buy a pound of decent chocolate. It makes my arteries get hard just thinking about it.

~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

I would love to see our police force pick up that last design...
seriously... it would show they have a great sense of humour!

Chocolate covered pig just plain feels wrong.

Da Old Man said...

@ Matt: Porkosity?

@ Lauren: I'm willing to bet you didn't have one.

@ Fishawk: Sounds like a 2 stroke

@ Etta: Reminds me of the old "you got cocolate in my peanut butter" ommercials.

@ Eve: Multi-tasking rules

@ MA: And I bet it goes with coconut Easter eggs perfectly.

@ Shadow: Police and sense of humour in the same sentence. best comment of the day. :)
Yeah, pig and chocolate just seems wrong.

Don said...

Hell ettarose has got more feeds than I do now! I don't feel for her anymore, but she sure is cute! Perky tits and all (that's what she said). Oh wait, funny pics too.

Anonymous said...

Hey crotch, I just read your post on Chelle's blog and had to share it with the Mr. I"m gonna steal your idea and, while I'm at it, steal some of those smilies......if you'll tell me where to get them. All links took me to photo bucket and asked for a pw.

Yah, I know. It's your way of keeping down us women who are not too proud to steal. But, I'm ethical. I TOLD you FIRST.

Da Old Man said...

@ Don: Cute chicks get all the breaks. BTW, for what it's worth I have 2, count 'em 2 (two,) feeds. And I'm busy pimping out the blogs of cute chicks. Go figure.

@ Dana: I'll hook you up. I'll post it at humorbloggers site, which is where all the good stuff happens.

Chat Blanc said...

the thing that concerns me about the choco bacon is that it kinda resembles that inflatable poo pic you posted over at Humor Bloggers dot com!

Da Old Man said...

@ Chat: You know, it does. Maybe the chocolate bacon was the inspiration for the inflatable poo. I canonly imagine what chocolate bacon would do to my regularity.

TheFLy said...

the guy on the pork mobile has his feet inconveinently far away from his hands too, his arms look short I think he needs that toe nail clipper.

Da Old Man said...

@ The Fly: I hope he reads that post, so he can check out those clippers. :)

Kirsten said...

That toenail clipper looks dangerous! An old man like you could do some damage with that thing.

Lipstick said...

I just spewed Diet Dr. Pepper out of my nose when I got to "fat guy catalog." I have laughed so hard that I feel like I have actually excercised.

Jay said...

Uurggghh!!! Chocolate covered bacon!! I like them both separately, but together? NOOOOOOOO!!!

Love the toenail clippers! Not sure about the pig bike. LOL!