Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two for Tuesday

I wanted to show youse two blogs I recently discovered. That's kind of funny, we all use that term discovered like they had been lost, and thanks to our anthropolgically cyber enhanced search methods, we found them.

Kind of like when Columbus discovered America. Those wacky Spaniards found millions of people who didn't even know they were lost. But that all worked out, I guess.

Anyway, these two blogs are hilarious. I hope you like them.

Janna at http://jantics.com/ The first post I ever read started out with some mathematical formulas, and wound up with broccoli. You need to read her. While many humor blogs make me laugh occasionally, I found every post to be hilarious.

And the second one is DB at The Medium Bus. http://themediumbus.blogspot.com/
A little different, no, make that a lot different, but really funny.

Today's post is a bit short because, well, I don't have internet access in my bathroom. Just sayin'


Every so often, I'll write something serious. I did a guest post for my friend Lauren. You can read it here

Don't forget our needy blogger Deb. She needs youse to sign up for her feeds. It will make me feel better, too.


They have internet access in the bathrooms at:


Lauren said...

Joe did a KICK ass guest post. Go see how brilliant he is! Hope you get out of your potty soon :-(

shyne said...

Great guest post, Crotchety!

I like how your mind works.
You can hit all the important things (insight, intelligence, humor) with the same speed and impact.

Jenn Thorson said...

I hope you feel better soon, Crotchety. Sounds... er... like maybe NOT the way a person wants to spend their day.

Perhaps you need a bumper sticker for the toilet which reads, "I'd rather be blogging."

Anonymous said...

There's no internet in my outhouse either. Just the Enquirer. PLEASE come over and see my post today. I tried some animation like Bill. I have photos of my first experiment with sex. I figured I'd better write about it since...uh....those days are over and I might forget. Thanks for being so generous by recommending those two sites.

(buy toilet paper) it helps.

Da Old Man said...

@ lauren: Thanks

@ Shyne: Most people find it scary

@ Jenn: My other thought was to have a sign made labeling the room "the Vomitorium." I like your idea better.

@ Dana: I won't leave home without it.

Chat Blanc said...

you just gave me something to put on my resume--anthropological cyber researcher! fabulous!

Da Old Man said...

@ Chat: Perfect

Deb said...

Hmmmm....something about begging on my behalf right after you mention no internet in the bathroom that just seems, well, wrong.

That's OK though - begging is accepted and encouraged and you are doing a fine job of it!

Thank you!

Da Old Man said...

@ Deb: I'm assuming everyone has already signed up for your blog. If they haven't they should.

Jay said...

I love Jantic's blog - thanks for that link!

It's always good to find another good blog so I can use up more of my day sitting on my backside doing nothing useful. Thanks. Thanks a lot, Joe.

I'll pop over and take a look at your guest post - I've opened it up in another tab. If this is another blog I'm going to like I'm going to have to stop coming here or I'll get nothing else done. LOL!

Sounds as if you're not feeling too good? I hope that ... um ... passes quickly.

Da Old Man said...

@ jay: Jantics is a wonderful blog. And, you'll like Lauren's too. Refreshing take on the world.

Marv said...

The candidates' view on the arts:

Janna said...

Thanks so much for visiting Jantics, and for saying such nice things.
Thanks for the link, too!
Gosh, now I have to keep being funny, since people are actually reading! :)

My main blog is the Jannaverse. I post there a lot more often.
Today, for example, I posted about peeing my pants while singing Elvis parodies.