Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Saturday

I'm feeling left out. Jenn and Dani have both recently blogged about getting telemarketers calls. I do get them every few days from the timeshare people, but nobody else. The college never calls, the auto warranty people called once and hung up on me. Photobucket

I miss those calls. Photobucket

Just wanted to announce that Crazy Dani has a new website Celebsux which is dedicated to celebrities and the wackiness that defines them.

I've already posted a rant piece and Dani has put up a few. The Hussy is also a contributing editor. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Enjoy the weekend.


Crabby Blogging Lady said...

I got the auto warranty call, too! They said I had to call them RIGHT AWAY, it was URGENT! Or I might lose my warranty!

I thought I was special- they made me feel so wanted. Dang. Now I have to wait another few months or so til I get another call!

Shawn said...

The "I get tons of telemarketing calls" club is one that I wish I wasn't a member of.

Janna said...

If you'd like, I can help by calling and offering you some worthless overpriced piece of junk while you're trying to sit down and eat dinner.

What sounds good? Timeshares? Auto Insurance? Credit Repair Strategies? Starving Needy Kids From Timbuktu? Mortgages? Class-action lawsuits?

Be creative.

Me-Me King said...

I'm not feeling left out at all. To avoid those tele-marketing calls, I quit answering my phone.....2 years ago.

Happy weekend to you too!

dizzblnd said...

I am happy to be left out of that group. I meant to check out Dani's new site yesterday, but I forgot. I will do that now

Don said...

Don't we all hate telemarketers. How did they find out when I eat supper? Celeb Sux is a cool site. I went there this am.

Megryansmom said...

Death to telemarketers.....arghhh I've already had one call this morning and then a Jehovah at my door.

Anonymous said...


Press 1 for exciting new news regarding your mortgage loan.

Representatives are waiting and ready to take your call.

Have your account number and pin number ready.

At ***** we value your service and are ready to serve you, our valuable customer.


There ya go DOM! AND I like celebsux...I already commented :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Crabby Blogging Lady: They told= me it was urgent. I pushed the button to talkwith them, and was hung up on. Now, I'm waiting for my car to explode or something.

@ Shawn: I like when they call me. Makes me feel special.

@ Janna: Any would be fine thanks. BTW, I just got a settlement in a class action lawsuit. I need to blog about that.

@ Me-Me: By not answering your phone, do you know how many great deals you may have mised out on?

@ Dizz: It's a work in progress, but should keep getting better.

@ Don: I like telemarketers. Do you have any idea how boring my life is?

@ Megry: I hate anyone at the door. The phone is fine.

Da Old Man said...

@ Quirky: Thanks.

Lauren said...

I think Dani started a sneak attack phone campaign on me because until her post I wasn't getting those calls. Then I got this call to my biz line that comes to my house about some Korean singles event for Jewish people. KoreOYen Jews. LOL Gave the caller a piece of my mind and hung up on him.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Don't feel left out. I'm sure they're just giving you a little break.

We haven't had all that many either lately. I'm just waiting for them to start up again...

Phillipia said...

How about I forward a few of mine to your number?

HealthNutWannabeDad said...

"For English, Press 1 now..."

Oh boy.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Jen said...

Heading over there right now!

The Hawg! said...

Heh. Picking on celebrities.

That's almost too easy!

Sherry said...

I really felt crotchety on one of my blogs today, so I thought of you!

Da Old Man said...

@ Lauren: Korean Jews? That sounded interesting.

@ Mary: I can't wait for the calls to start up again.

@ Phillipia: Sure. I'd like that.

@ Paul: Those drive me crazy. I just push "O" and wait to talk to someone.

@ Jen: I'm sure you'll like it.

@ The Hawg: Easy and fun.

@ Sherry; Thanks.

dani said...

Thank you Joe )