Friday, March 27, 2009

It's National Joe Day, Caption winner announced

Finally, it's here. I've been so excited waiting for this ever since...well, ever since I found out about it a couple of months ago.

Here are some details from the Church of Joe if you need more information about this most important Holiday.

Major Holiday or not, we at Crotchety Old Man World Wide Headquarters and Discount House of Worship do have some bidness to take care of today. The staff rushed to get everything done because it is only a half day so they can get ready for the Joe Day Festivities later.

We received over 60 captions, and it again proved to be a successful contest. Thanks to everyone who participated because you can't spell "caption contest" without a bunch of letters.

Plenty of points were scored as there were so many hilarious captions. Points were scored by LL, Alicia, ThinkingFyou, Shawn, Moooooog, Mr. New Dilemna, Free the Unicorms, Dizzblnd, Sadie, Jormen, Quirky, Dani, Nooter, Douglas, and Staci.

"This is what happens when the babysitter won't let me watch iCarly"
Jen of Redhead Ranting

was the winner.

A very close second went to Moooooog, and third was Staci.


Thanks to everyone for playing, and next Wednesday will be an extra special one.

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Janna said...

Happy National Joe Day!

Let's celebrate by drinking half a gallon of tea and taking a nap until our bladder is the size of a beach ball!

Oooops, wait... that's what I do EVERY day.

Mike said...


Ok fine.

If I want to score at least some runner up points, I'm going to have to think with old people humour.

Splurtch - sorry, that was me vomiting.

Still, I want that zucchini, damnit.

ReformingGeek said...

Congrats to Jen! That was a great caption.

Let the celebrations begin for all the Joe's of the world.

Don't forget to catch your own celebration over at my blog. I found another picture of you out there on the Interwebs.

dizzblnd said...

Happy National Joe Day!

Congrats jen!

What can we buy with all the "points" we have accumulated? That's what I need to now. Can we BUY a Zucchini award? I know I could easily steal it, but, that's know how I squash I mean roll.

OK Fine! I'll come up with better captions if you wanna be THAT way :)

Jenn Thorson said...

Yay!! And Happy Joe Day! You are my favorite Joe, and so I salute you!

Don said...

Happy Joe Day and congratulations to Jen!

Quirkyloon said...

A National Joe Day?

Wow. I knew you were big in the blogosphere DOM, but wow!

Congrats on YOUR special day!

AND...congrats to Jen...great caption from a funny lady!

Swirl Girl said...

congrats to the winner!
looking forward to next week's contest!

Lauren said...

Congrats and happy Joe day.

Me-Me King said...

Happy National Joe Day!

Congratulations, Jen....great caption!

Da Old Man said...

@ Janna: Thank you, and to you, also.
I'll meet you at MickeyD's for some sweet tea. That stuff is awesome.

@ Mike: My judges range in age from about 30 up to elderly.

@ Reforming: I'll be by.

@ Dizz: Save up the points, and they can be turned into valuable prizes. Kind of like at Chucky Cheese.

@ Jenn: Thank you. Enjoy the day, and all it offers.

@ Don: Thanks.

@ Quirky: Hey, I don't make this stuff up.
Ok, some of it.

@ Swirl: It should be a good one.

@ Lauren: Thanks.

Da Old Man said...

@ Me-Me: Thanks.

nonamedufus said...

Jen, way to go.

DOM, yer own day? Why sit down, put your feet up, kick back and take the rest of the day off.

Lin said...

Yea, Jen!! Very good.

Shinade said...

Happy national Joe Day and Congrats to the winners!!

oh I would love to take a nap. But, after almost 2 weeks with barely any internet speed at all...I am way far too behind!!

But, you better watch out they have let me out again!!

Have fun yellin at da' cars...yell at the ones that say DirecWay...okay?:-)

Janna said...

I mentioned you in my latest Jannaverse post. :)

LOBO said...

Nobody tried “It takes a child to raze a village?"