Saturday, March 21, 2009

Isn't it weird how so many things all seem to happen in such a short period of time? Lumped into a two week period, St Joseph's Day (March 19,) National Joe Day (March 27,) my birthday (you know,) and my blogversary (April 2.) Weird how all that comes together.

So, it got me to thinking. I don't expect everyone to get me something for each of these traditional gift giving occasions, so it will be ok if you just give me some sort of combo gifts. Yeah, those of you who have birthdays near Holidays like my nephew Michael (December 26th) and my friend Kevin (December 24th) always seem to get screwed and get one gift and are told "This is for both days."

That sucks. But youse all know I'm not into the material things, and 4 gifts, well that would be generous of youse, but I don't really need much.

I have dropped one hint so far, so, to help you with this gift giving conundrum even more, I'll list a few more gifts that you could get me because I like to make it easy for you, and we are down to only 10 more shopping days.

After this week's corned beef and cabbage debacle, a gas mask would be perfect, though I think the Crotchety Old Lady would grab it before me, so maybe a his and her's set would be better.

I was thinking of starting a collection of "Beef Jerky States" and what better one than to start with than Minnesota? This is at ebay, so bid early and often if you want to surprise me with this.
And for the blogger on a budget

These ideas should help you in choosing a gift for me, and to prevent me from the awful task of regifting.

Don't be like the Crotchety Old Lady and the Spawn and be a last minute shopper at the Texaco station because I still have plenty of air fresheners and Slim Jims left over from Christmas.


Carl said...

A buddy of mine whose birthday is the day before St. Patrick's Day. But he always begins advertising and broadcasting about his birthday immediately after New Year's Day. The constant reminders flood my inbox and so many others. And every year he gets lots of presents from us. You think we have spoiled him for years, right? Darn right we have!!!

Stacie said...

you have a busy week for sure...

hope you get EVERYTHING you ask for!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!...that's all you're getting from me. HAHA!

Don said...

I'll take the stink bombs! I'll just blame them for the real culprit. The c.b. and cabbage.

Shawn said...

Beef jerky state collecting is very rewarding. Sure, you can get Kansas and Nebraska easily, but Florida and Texas are quite challenging.

ReformingGeek said...

Maybe I should return the tie and matching socks kit I bought at Wal-Mart.

Sherry said...

You and I have the same blog-o-versary.

Lady Sarcasm said...

A his and hers gas mask, I LIKE it! I'm gunna order two sets. :)

Kirsten said...

Minnesota beef jerky?? That's been done over and over. Why not a more interesting state? why not even go international?

Da Old Man said...

@ Carl: It's important to let everyone know early

@ Stacie: I do have a lot of celebrating to catch up on

@ Lauren: :(

@ Don: That c.b. and cabbage raised hell in the Crotchety Household

@ Shawn: That is what I've been told.

@ Reforming: Very thoughtful, but I only wear white socks, and only wear a tie to work. I don't see that happening soon.

@ Sherry: Very cool.

@ Lady Sarcasm: It is the perfect gift, isn't it?

@ Kirsten: I just assumed I'd get that with my "Jerky around the World" club membership.

dani c said...

OOooo if you get the gas mask can I borrow it sometime ? You know, with the husband and all....

dizzblnd said...

If I was still on Greedbay, I would SO bid on that jerky for you. Damned the bad luck.

How bout if I get for my birthday, (the day BEFORE National Joe Day) The stink bombs, then I can use what I need and regift them to you on your birthday?

Yeah so I'm a cheap bitch what can I say? ;)

C.B. Jones said...

Do you accept IOU's written in tapioka, on the bottom of a pizza box?

HealthNutWannabeDad said...

All I've got to say is, Crotchety, you've got great taste in gifts.

You sure are a high roller.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Da Old Man said...

@ Dizz: Regifted jerky? Is that allowed?

@ CB: It's the gift, not the thought that matters

@ Paul: I'm living la vida loca.