Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's number 501

I wanted to take the time to thank my readers and commentors. I admit that I write for me, but without you, I wouldn't find it nearly as much fun. I wanted to list every regular, but, we get a couple hundred comments a week, and won't want to leave anyone out intentionally, so if you aren't mentioned, please understand it was an oversight, and I owe you one. Most bloggers write several blogs, so I picked the most well known, or at least the one I visit.

I wanted to do one of those nice little stories using blogs titles like Ettarose does, but I'm not that talented.

So, instead I'm doing a shout out and quick mini blog review to anyone who posted on my "favorites" thread Monday, and as many of my regulars as I can remember. I highly recommend everyone read my regulars because obviously, they are able to recognize quality. To my readers and friends Photobucket

Jen from A humor writer relating her battles with cold winters, and balky appliances, and the occasional rant about exes and kids.

Lin from Slice of life family humor blogger.

Kirsten from The uber soccer Mom/pimp.

Chica from Talented photoshopper, with sarcasm to spare.

The Hawg from Mixed bag, ranging from politics to music to humor, and everything in between.

Don from Humor with a sharp edge.

Marie from Upbeat blog, and excels at, I swear, finding the funny side of MS. We all hate commercials, finally, someone points out how stupid commercials can be.

Jenn from Don't tell the others, but this is my favorite. It's well written, and funny. And, my "go to" blog for zombie news.

Petra from A Mommy blog that is funny and entertaining. Warning: Occasionally she posts some, erm, devices for wimmin, and she warns me in advance so I can read the post with my eyes closed.

The Reforming Geek from Humor blog with slice of life viewpoints.

Andy from Interesting look at ways to make blogs better from a technical standpoint, without a lot of the jargon.

Shinade from Her blog, the Painted Veil, is a place for relaxing and musing.

Moooooog from Humor blog. More adult in content.

Sandee from Features a quick joke or picture to start your day with a laugh.

Shadow Crystal from Always interesting, usually humorous, look at life.

The Self Deprechaun from Asian humor blogger living large in NYC. Always makes me feel better about myself.

Chat from Remember the TV show That Girl, or Mary Tyler Moore? Then imagine if either one wrote a blog, and was actually funny. That would come close. Add in wimmin devices and stilettos, and it's pretty close.

Jormengrund from A daddy blogger, using family situations and good humor.

MA Fat Woman from Another humorblogger, with lots of yard sales.

Lipstick from A Mommy blogger, and more.

Dani from A humor blog. Dani is a Mom of 6, but that ain't no effin Mom blog. (Hey, that's her tagline. I'm not being rude)

Dizzblnd from Humorblog, with an awesome Madlibs game every Sunday.

Kelly from Humorblogger often finding the funny in current events.

Chelle from Blogging the offended and the offensive because they are out there. Her tag line says it all.

Sherry from has a mixed bag. She writes a few blogs, including one that is more current events/political.

Paul from which is a blog with health tips

Laura from A junk foodaholics journey to health.

FishHawk from one religious man's view of life

Lauren from Her blog is dedicated to her dating life, and politics. And her cats. I'm sure there is a joke in that combination somewhere.

Claire from One of the most talented doodlers I've ever seen. She also chronicles her quest for a degree, along with helping her Mum through some health challenges. And she does it with a sense of humor.

Janna from Extremely funny blog. Creative, and not to be missed. Creator of the Jannapedia. This is the blog I steal more ideas from than any other.

Kate from A blog with attitude. Celebrities can be hilarious when they aren't trying to be.

Michelle from A blog with raw food tips, running stories, and all around life lessons.

Jamie, the Hussy Housewife from writes a humor blog and makes some awesome videos.

Kathy from writes a personal humor blog, and provides a chance to giggle at the silly little things we all see, and forget to laugh at.

William from Another well written humor blog, and Bill often is the victim of his wit. His bed head post is classic.

Swirl Girl from A Mom Blog, with some style.

Hindleyite from A humor blogger from England. Uses local, yet universal humor.

And last, but certainly not least, Charmaine from
A blog dedicated to middle aged dating. Charmaine is very funny and honest.

I wanted to thank everyone for visiting and for writing great blogs. Thanks for the inspiration, the assistance, and the friendship.

Let's get together and do this again at post 1001.


HumorSmith said...

Joe, thank you for the shout. I always enjoy your wry comments on life, and it's a pleasure to count you among my humorblogger buddies.

Here's to the second 500!


dani c said...

Thank you Joe for the shout out, but you're on my HAVE to read list everyday !!!
Congratulations on your 501, and I'm wishing you many many more !!!!

CH!CA said...

Woot! you made it. What a fabulous post. like Dani, your on my must read list. I'll be here should you make it to 1001. :)

soes58 said...

Joe, that was a very nice thing to do. By the way thanks to you I am a regular over at FishHawk's. He is awesome and has a great blog. WAY TO GO! everyone. (by the way it's me ettarose)

dizzblnd said...

What a very nice thing to do, I knew under that crotchety exterior, there was a happy happy man. Congrats on your 500th post.

Thank yo so much for the shout out!

Kate said...

thanks for the shout out!!

MA Fat Woman said...


moooooog35 said...

Moooooog: More adult, less filling.

Thanks for the shout out.

Or type out.

Or whatever out that was.

Unless it was coming out.

I don't swing that way.

ReformingGeek said...

Thanks and congrats. I hope I can make it that far.

I'm heading over to steal from Janna!

Mike said...

Even though you didn't mention me, you did mention moooog, so you are forgiven ;)

I Hate Commercials said...

thanks for the shout out!

moooooog35 said...

Spaz is stalking me.

Da Old Man said...

@ Humor: Thanks.

@ Dani: Glad to. You're on my daily list.

@ Chica: Thanks. I'll do my best. That should be sometime in 2012!
Oy vey.

@ Etta in disguise: He really is a decent guy, for a Cowboys fan.

@ Dizz: Not even close. Happy is such an overstatement.

@ Kate: Glad to. Thanks for getting me started in blogging.

@ MA: Thanks. I appreciate it.

@ Moooooog: It was a shout out.

@ Reforming: It's where I get my best stuff.

@ Mike: See, I told you I'd forget some.

@ I Hate: Glad to. I think of your blog whenever I see stupid commercials and wonder when you'll get to them.

@ Moooooog (again): I've heard that. It's a Canadian thing.

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the shout, Joe! BTW, you got an honorable mention on my blog today. I swear I posted that before I saw this one!

Sherry said...

Thanks so much for the mention and shout out. Much appreciated! I always enjoy reading your "yells."

Don said...

Wow Joe thanks. That's quite a list too. I'm surprised to remember so many. Nice job. Incidentally, I'm right with you on almost all of those. Congrats on 501!!!!

Stacie said...

holy hell that is a long list of regular people....I eat fiber one and am quite regular myself, if ya know what I mean. ;)

congrats on 501 posts.

Chat Blanc said...

Allsome surprise for your 501st!!! :) and thank you for writing all your great posts! you know the all the cool peeps in bloggyland and yet you'll also admit you know me too? what more could a girl ask for?? you ARE the BESTEST Crotchety!! {{hugs}} :D

Quirkyloon said...

Woo hoo to DOM for 501!

Well looky there. I rhymed!

It's always fun to read what's on the Old Man's mind.

Keep truckin' DOM!!

~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

OoOoOo... I love this... I'll never have to look for a new blog again... I might even end up finding a few more places to take over my life ;-P (I just to only 'have' to check e-mail in the morning... now I 'have' to check a few blogs ,too) hehehe

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Wow, this is some serious link love. Thanks for including me Crotchety.

Have a terrific day. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: Thanks. I saw it.

@ Sherry: Glad you enjoy it.

@ Don: I could have made the list twice as long. That's how many great readers I have and how many friends I've made.

@ Stacie: I do.

@ Chat: Aww. I do know all the cool kids.

@ Quirky: Thanks for reading. BTW, your blog makes me LOL every time.

@ Shadow: Lots of great ones listed.

@ Sandee: Glad to. Your blog starts my day out right.

Jenn Thorson said...

Aw, aren't you spiffy, Crotchety!! I will try to ensure you're kept up on all that is Zombie oriented. If the zombie hoardes arrived, I would gladly launch a rescue mission to Jersey. :)

Jen said...

Joe, thanks for the shout out. I look forward to your comments on all my blogs. They make writing them worth all the fuss.

I haven't read all 500 of your posts but I've stopped by everyday since I discovered you back in November. Yours is a must read for me.

You picked some great blogs here. I know most of them but there are some I haven't seen yet but with your stamp of approval I know I can't go wrong.

Congratulations on the 500 and here's to another 500.


shyne said...

Congrats on your 501!!!!!!
Way to go, COM.....:-) have to have a blog to be a "regular"?
Dang......guess I should start one.

The Hussy Housewife said...

Great list, and I am proud to be mentioned!

You forgot to mention I always have the coveted Zucchini Award!!

The Hawg! said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Crotchety! Expect a story posted by me later tonight on my blogs commemorating your 500th post.

I'll put something like this in there -- "If you don't read Crotchety's blog everyday, you're a damned fool."

Rock on...

Lin said...

Thanks for the mention, pally! You have quite the blogroll and the following there! WoW! I'm honored to be on the list.

Adullamite said...

Some good blogs there Joe but yours still is the one folks go to first!

Robin said...

Even though I have rarely left a comment, just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Your sense of humour and the way you express it is inspiring.


Da Old Man said...

@ Jenn: Thanks. In New Jersey, there could be a breakout at any minute, too.

@ Jen: Thanks. The first 300 were kind of lame, anyway.

@ Shyne: No, but it's hard to highlight your blog link, if you don't have a blog.

@ The Hussy: You are one of the few, the proud, the Zucchinid

@ The Hawg: Thanks, you're too kind.

@ Lin: Glad to have you there. I need to update my blogroll. My inherent laziness kicks in with tasks like that.

@ Adullamite: Thanks. It's because I post earliest.

@ Robin: Thanks. Glad to know you are enjoying it. I appreciate your comments.

Charmaine said...

Holy momma,

What happend to me?

Love ya,

On The Verge said...

Congrats on 501!


Da Old Man said...

@ Charmaine: I have no idea. Where have you been?

@ On the verge: Thanks.

Janna said...

Thank you for the link and the kind words and the....

Hey, wait...

You steal more ideas from my blog than any other?
I'm not sure whether to be flattered or to send you an invoice.
Maybe I can do both. :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for the shout out! Dating, politics and cats...wouldn't that make me the crazy cat lady?

Da Old Man said...

@ Janna: Yes, but I give you credit (usually)
I should run a tab.

Lipstick said...

OMG Crotchety! I am blushing and giggling too. Thank you so much for the mention. You are one of my absolute faves. Hugs!

Marie said...

Wow, Joe, thanks so much!! Boy, I am sure listed in some awesomely talented company!

Your blogs are among my favorites too. I was hooked ever since the hand down the pants one.

I think that is probably a very sad commentary about me and what I find funny. lol

I have also been aware for a long time that crotchety schmotchety, you have one of the kindest hearts in the blogging world. I am fortunate to know you.

So congrats on hitting 501!! My hundreth is coming up. Woohoo!! Par-tay!!!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Congrats, Crotchety! And thanks for the shout-out. I love what you did with this post. I know many of the bloggers you listed, but I'm checking them all out. Great list!

Onward to the next 500!

Da Old Man said...

@ Lauren: Pretty much.

@ Lipstick: Thanks. Glad to.

@ Marie: I'm looking forward to your 100th.

@ Kathy: Thanks. It's a good list of some of the best around. Glad to have you on the list.

Michelle said...

WOW OLD MAN thank you for the shout out!!!

i am sorry I've been absent for a few posts but i am back now.

I think your the knees bees and swell too!!!! :O)


Da Old Man said...

@ Michelle: Glad to see you back. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Oooops its the

Bee's Knee's!!!

And I am not even drinking!!! Well unless you count sleepy time tea as drinking!!! Makes me loopy!!

HealthNutWannabeDad said...

Joe, you and your blog are the best.

Congratulations on post number 501.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Barbi said...

Just found your blog through another blog... just blog surfing. Great, now you give me a list of a bunch of other great blogs that I must read and add to my Google Reader (including yours). I swear, I am never going to get offline! Congrats on your 501 (jeans? lol).

shrin said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.