Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Didja Know????

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, parking tickets are issued with yoga instructions, the theory being illegal parking is an aggressive act, so yoga would make the parkers less so.

I would like to know if they if the shoving ticket up the parking commission's tookus is included.

And today on the news I saw kids are cursing at a younger age, some as young as 2.

Great, we'll have school age kids who can't read and write, but they can curse at a college level.

Somewhere on this internety thing there is a video with me and a bunch of senile citizens working out. I can't dance but my punch punch wiggle wiggle


I'll keep looking for youse.

No matter what you've heard, Wii bowling, without beer, is just as boring as real

Thank you to the Queen and all her court for stopping by.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm a Big Kid Now

Been a while since I've typed to youse so I'll bring youse up to date.

As youse can tell, from the title, I've graduated to pull up diapers. Note to men: they are kind of bulky so they are great for speculation if you are into the bar scene.
I report to the butcher (surgeon) weekly, and one week he wants to chop again and the next he saya all is fine. Either way he "cleans it up" which is one extremely painful procedure.

Now I have an ethical question. Some of the old folks are up half the night raising a ruckus and interferring with my beauty sleep. And of course they sleep in their chair all day. So. when I see them dozing, I kick the chair to wake them. The pretty young nurse calls it mean, I call it tough love. What do youse say?

Quote of the month "Hey, I need that stuff."
Can you guess what the physical terrorists were doing to me, or where?

Did you hear about the bank robbers who tried to escape by driving through a car wash?

They wanted to make a clean getaway.

P.S. Kevin I lost your phone number. Please call me at 908.222.5142

Everyone else is welcome to call, too. Or else I'll kick your chair while you're sleeping.