Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still On Drugs

Just wanted to let everyone know that Joe is out of ICU and off the telemetry floor. Believe it or not he is back on the floor he spent 4 weeks on with his pretty nurse friends. Just waiting for him to start more p/t and the weaning off of his favorite pain med, come back to reality and blogging...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Got Another Miracle!

Tuesday afternoon at 5:00, Crochety went in for the much awaited "tummy tuck." Fortunately, it lasted half the time they thought would be needed. Surgeon took approx. 35lbs. of tissue and fat away and cleaned out the infectious areas. He looks great for a guy who has gone through what he has. He is in ICU just as a precaution and his hand is on the pain med button. Now to the healing process. Please keep up the prayers and good thoughts.

Mrs. "C"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Where is Doctor House?!

Dictated @ 2:00 pm:

You all know how much I appreciate all your kind words and prayers -- I even laugh alot when I read the comments Mrs. "C" prints out and brings me.

Most of my day is spent fending off vampires. There is still talk of transferring me to University Hospital in Newark, the only place in Jersey that has fresh maggots, but they cannot find a doctor willing to take my complicated case so I am hanging out here.

The highlight of my night yesterday was when my student nurse, Gina, was so excited that I gave her supervisor permission to let Gina change my wound dressing. At 10 pm 6 students nurses came in to watch and aid in my the cleaning and bandaging. Apparently tape was a very important item.

I am still anticipating my Dilodin shot every 3 hours. It not only kills pain but also has a recreational effect. I am no longer on Nurse "Toots" floor but she comes to visit every couple of days with recommendations for my treatment. Pretty nice, hey? My Nurse Call Bell seems to be for amusement only lately. If they don't come in a timely manner, especially at bathroom times, they are sorely rewarded...

FYI...not for the easily embarrassed...My naughty bits are being flashed at least a dozen times per day. I don't know if everyone else is enjoying it, but I am beginning to...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going Down That Road Less Travelled...

Dictated @ 9:00 am:

The associate to the hematologist that okayed the operation came in at 2:30 pm yesterday and said he was not comfortable with the latest decision and I would again have to have blood products before he could give permission for my "tummy tuck." At 5:00 they started giving me the the blood products, 2 units, 1.5 hours each. Surgeon doesn't operate after 6 pm. At 7:30 nursie tells me that they are looking into Maggot Therapy instead of operating...near the GROIN area? Nuff said.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Award

Dictated at 7 pm, Wednesday:

Don't be too jealous, but I just found out that after being here 3 weeks, I am being considered for "Best Patient of the Year." Humble guy that I am, I am sure that I will win! The chosen hemotologist came in to let me know he was going to take more blood and do more tests. The surgeon came in later to let me know that it would take FIVE days to get the test results back...this takes me to Monday. Maybe then they can operate. Incredulous.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Dictated at 7:00 pm

They again cancelled the operation due to my inability to maintain normal blood coagulation. They decided today to call in a hemotologist. No word yet on when they will operate. I go in and out of sleep from the pain killer. Tomorrow is dialysis and that just exhausts me. This is going on forever...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Operation -- NOT

Dictated 8:00 pm on Friday:

My operation was pushed from 9 am to 10 am. The anesthesiologist decided my blood was not up to par and cancelled the operation until 6 pm. It turns out the clotting factor was just not good so I received blood products and still at 6 pm after hundreds of blood tests I was borderline. Surgeon doesn't like to operate too late as statistics show late night operations result in too many complications. It is a holiday weekend so they are not going to do my "tummy tuck" until Tuesday. ACCCKKKK!
Fortunately, I am still in the same room, 3223 and phone is still 732-321-7213. Call if you can. Mrs. C is getting tired of entertaining me. I miss my pc!