Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Immigration-oy vey

Why is it so hard to end the immigration situation? Because the powers that be (and no, that doesn't mean the Republicans or Democrats-it's all those bastages) do not want to end it. Could be any one of a dozen reasons, but here is how it could be solved quickly and easily. First, if a child is born here, he or she is not a citizen. That is an archaic law, and has outlived its usefulness. Second, if an employer has illegals, and he or she has not made a reasonable effort to ascertain that the employee(s) were legal, well, the employer should face jail time. Third, an illegal immigrant should be returned to their homeland, immediately. If they are found a second time, return them after a short stint at hard labor. If an immigrant comes back illegally a third time, lifetime incarceration at hard labor. I know it sounds harsh, but I am speaking about illegals. They have no right to come here. They do not operate within our law. That said, it should be easier for immigrants to enter this country legally. Requirements should include, first and foremost, the ability to read and speak English.