Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hate crimes and other dumb laws

In the local news is some crap about hate crimes.This is possibly the dumbest legislation that we have ever had thrust upon us.Basically, if one beats the crap out of another person, it is assault. But if one is beaten up because of either sexual orientation, color, nationality...whatever, then it becomes a different type of crime. How dumb is that? Now, courts are tied up trying to prove whether a thug beat up a person because of bias or because the criminal is just a sociopath. What is the purpose of this law? Is the assaulted person in more or less pain? It is just a waste of resources. Punish the criminal. Period.Almost every law named for a person is also dumb. Look at Megan's Law. How stupid is that? If a sexual predator is released in my neighborhood, and he is likely to repeat the crime, I am notified. If he is likely to commit a crime against a child, then how about keeping him incarcerated? A person who would purposely hurt an innocent child is not a person deserving freedom. Most of these laws are the result of a knee jerk reaction to some crime that is in the spotlight. It is time to enforce the many laws we have, and not to create additional new laws.