Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Post 100


This is number 100, and how appropriate that this is about my favorite thing in the world.

Yankees Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The season opened today, and the most dominating team in the world today began their assualt on the World Championship.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, usually an annoying nemesis was easily dispatched 9-5, as the Bombers used power and pitching to do them in.

A-Rod and Posada homered, while Giambi knocked in three.

The pitching, while not stellar, was more a result of bad fielding rather than Pavano's efforts. You can't keep giving the other guys extra outs. 3 infield errors is not a good sign. But hopefully, it was just some early season miscues due to the damp weather and overcast skies.

The bullpen did shut them down, though, as they completely shut down the Rays for the final 4 innings. And Rivera was lights out in the ninth as he struck out the side.

And just as important, the arch-rival Red Sox were smacked around by the Royals 7-1. Yeah, those Royals.


But, it's a long season, and the fun is just beginning.

GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bchbear said...

"The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, usually an annoying nemesis"

You stole nemesis from me you beotch

Congrats on your 100th
Funny, you don't look that old.
ha ha giggle giggle snort