Friday, June 08, 2007


I rarely watch movies, as I miss big blocks of them. I watched one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies last week (whatever one was part 2 shown on Starz) and I fell asleep in the middle of it. So, it is obvious that I have trouble watching movies when I miss huge blocks of them during my "naps." That said, I do find a certain type of movie that I like, and am able to stay awake during the entire film. I am not sophisticated enough to describe them using the word genre. I'm not even sure what genre means, but I've heard my friend Kevin use it, and he knows a lot about movies, so it must be pretty important and I hope it makes me sound smarter. I really enjoy "quirky" movies. Is that a genre? I'm not sure. But I know what I like. And it seems they are almost always on IFC (Independent Film Channel.)
I recently saw a few movies I really liked. The Station Agent pretty much had everything a quirky movie needed. It starred an angry dwarf, a tortured artist, and a wacky Puerto Rican guy. It was a perfect setting for quirkiness, and lived up to, no, it exceeded the TV Sherpa standard. Another one I saw was Danny Deckchair. It was sort of a chick flick, but quirky enough that I was able to watch it with my better half.
IFC also is the venue for 1970's karate movies. The 70's were the absolute "Golden Age" for karate movies, and these classics never seem to show up anywhere else. Various documentaries like "the F word," are not going to show up on "normal" channels. IFC movies and specials seem to have limited appeal, but this is what cable TV is supposed to be. A cable station should provide real choice, not the same re-hashed, repackaged crap found on other channels.
Showtime, HBO, Starz, and whatever movie channels are out there are all pretty much the same. They might have a different mix of movies at any one time, but they are all basically the same. Regular theater releases, only about 6 months to a year after anyone cared about them.
It's hard to rate an entire channel, but if I could, it is a perfect movie channel. It is the only movie channel consistently worth having.


savvy said...

I wish I had IFC - I think you described it to a "T", - quirky, off the beaten path, films that aren't the 6th sequel of some tired old franchise or some cookie cutter film that has had all originality sucked out of it by a bunch of suits in marketing who want to produce the least offensive, most bland product, providing the "Sheople" with an easy to follow story that hits all the beats "they" are familiar with. (Can you tell I am a bit of a film snob?) - While quirky isn't a genre (genre generally describes a film that follows the rules of a certain kind of film, but doesn't mean that the film will suck. It simply means the film is designed to appeal to a specific audience, and provides this audience with certain basics. for ex. horror is a genre, but within the horror genre lies much room for originality, film noir is a genre, western is a genre, romantic comedy is a genre. Drama is not a genre, because almost any film is expected to have some sense of drama, whether it's tension, emotional, etc.) - Schools out, class, keep up with your assignments: reading Crotchety Old Man's blog, watching good films, and check out my blog and the for more reviews. (Old Man has provided links for both)