Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bunch of rambling stuff

Has anyone noticed Brendon Fraser has gained a lot of weight, but all in his face?

The EMT transporting me today looked exactly like Zena the Warrior Princess.

I thought that was weird.

I wonder if being an impersonator would be a good job? It would certainly be easy enough. I look enough like John Popper to impersonate him, unfortunately no one knows who he is.

I've been making progress. I get in a wheelchair using a sliding board.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Imagine shoving a board up my bum, then shimmying down to the chair.

Oh joy. Splinters on my naughty bits are just one hazard.

Speaking of my naughty bits, a new aide started last night and within minutes, she was introduced to my naughty bits.Photobucket


Adullamite said...

Good man this sounds like progress, except for the strangers playing with the naughty bits. On the other hand though....

Anonymous said...

Your naughty bits are getting almost as much action as Tiger's naughty bits!


Gianetta said...

At least you got that introduction over sooner...not later. Happy New Year!

Sandee said...

Bwahahahahaha on what Quirkyloon said. Bwahahahahaha. I spewed my water all over the monitor.

Have a terrific day Crotchety. Give my regards to Mrs. Crotchety. :)

Joel Klebanoff said...

Once your naughty bits have been exposed to half the world's population (or at least the entire medical community) are they still considered naughty? Isn't everyone used to them by then?

Don't think of the possibility of splinters as a bad thing. Think of them as getting your fiber intravenously.

Get well and be well.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm sure there is a youtube video featuring your naughty bits (vai smoke and mirrors) by now.

Hang in there, Joe! We miss you.

Moonrayvenne said...

Well at least you are getting around a bit now! Now, would pulling out splinters be considered foreplay? I'm sure Mrs. C would like to cause you some pain now & again as punishment for showing off your naughty bits so much...LOL! Keep laughing. I hear it's the best medicine (besides

HR Diva said...

Glad you are making progress. I have been so busy, but will try and stop by soon. Abigail is here and is as cute as a button.

lot 2 learn said...

Glad to hear you are movin around.
Is the phone number you listed a few post's back still the same ?
I would like to give you a call and say happy new year : )

Unknown said...

Your naughty bits seem to be always having fun. Sigh.

vanilla said...

Again I say, you still have your sense of humor!

(My first wife literally got splinter in her bum sliding down a cellar door. Dr. required.)

Donnie said...

If that EMT's looks were based on drugs your taking, send me a handful. I'm looking for Nicole Kidman. If not, then give her my phone number! Get well brother!

nonamedufus said...

John Popper? You've taken up the harmonica? I'm impressed.

Lin said...

I know who John Popper is!! Are you the fat or the skinny version?? ;) I'd make some nurse remove your splinters, Joe.

linlah said...

Splinters are probably better than a papercut.

Jen said...

I know who John Popper is!!!

Progress? I hope so. Sounds like you are getting seen in all the right places.

Anonymous said...
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Janna said...

John Popper, the harmonica player for Blues Traveler??
So if I could just picture him eating a pork roll, this is exactly what you look like?

Sorry to hear about the splinters.
Maybe I should have gotten you a pair of tweezers....

Da Old Man said...

@: Adullamite: They don't remain strangers for long.

@ Quirky: But I'm still a lousy golfer

@ Ma: True.

@ Sandee: That's why Quirky is one of the funniest ladies I know

@ They get less naughty daily

@ Reforming: There should be

@ Collette: She hates to share

@ HR: See you soon

@ Lot 2 learn: same number. Love to hear from you.

@ FishHawk: How true

@ Vanilla: I try to keep it intact

@ Don: No drugs that day

@ NoNamed: No harmonica, just fat

@ Lin: Fat version

@ Linlah: Maybe

@ Janna: Exactly

Unknown said...

Oh, bless you, Crotchety!

LL said...

Hmmm... splinters down there? I'd suggest you swap it out for some sort of plastic slide...

kathcom said...

My husband said the same thing about Brendan Fraser. His face is really puffy. Having worked for plastic surgeons in the past, I'd be willing to bet he's had his own fat or fillers injected into his face. If so, it's sad that he is self-conscious about his face when you're a complete free spirit, your naughty bits hanging out without a care in the world. Fraser could learn a lot from you.