Saturday, April 10, 2010


Crochety wants everyone to know that since he keeps getting stuck with roommates that love to stay up all night screaming he is the only patient that has been moved twice in this lovely new facility within a month.

Physical therapy has him standing and getting into his wheelchair by himself. Quite a feat, no? Now he is ready to start walking and the foot doc decided to do a skin graft from his thigh to his heel and he has to stay in bed until Monday.

Pulleeze call him so he can complain to someone other than ME...908-222-5134.

Mrs. "C"


Adullamite said...

I'd love to call but the bank manager says no!
Good to hear you have got onto the feet again! Soon you can play (real) football!

Unknown said...

Hey Adullamite, I just called and it turned into a phone sex thing. Well, since I have never heard an actual phone sex call, I can't be sure if that was what was going on, but it was something--of that, I am sure. Anyway, a sweet young thing in a nurse's uniform was in there giving him a sponge bath, and from the way he started talking, I think he was getting really, really clean. In any event, he wasn't complaining.

ReformingGeek said...

Oh my, my. Tell him to put a sock in it. Sheesh!

Seriously, thanks for the update. I'm glad he's making progress.

Moonrayvenne said...

You'd think that as much as they keep doing to him, theey want him to stay. Is your insurance paying them THAT much? LOL!
Keep the faith. Before you know it, he'll be driving you crazy at home! (Sorry, Mrs. C!)

Marcia said...

Am I the only one who thought Crotchety was really, really old, and now find out he's only 55?
Crotchety, you're too young for yelling at cars and flirting with nurses. How DO you get away with it?
Take care and keep us in touch.

James said...

I guess Crotchety will be up and about in no time at all.

As for the phone sex and sweet nurses, maybe he will blog about them when he comes back.

LL said...

Keep getting stronger Crotch!

nipsy said...

Good to hear he is getting up and moving..

Now as long as he keeps the wheelchair races to a minimum, he should be back in no time..