Friday, April 15, 2011

Ethical Question

Yesterday, Mrs. C was driving me to the doctor and we were cut off by a knucklehead who ran a yield sign,

Of course she was talking on her phone, which is illegal in many states including NJ.

Now my question is this: should I be allowed to shoot at her with a small caliber gun. It probably wouldn't kill her but she would HANG UP THE DAMN PHONE.

By the way in case you had any faith in Harvard as little more than a cesspool of anti American principles and teaching, it is rumored that they have offered Bernie Madoff a position as a professor of ethics. Didn't they know John Gotti Jr is available?


vanilla said...

The Gotti-Madoff Business Ethics graduate course. :o

But please, don't shoot any idiots. They would still be clueless, and you'd be in deep weeds.

ReformingGeek said...

Yeah, not worth the bullet.

Anonymous said...

Wait. Was she on speakerphone? Cuz if she was, you'd be best to keep yer bullets to yerself!


Kevin @ Paint Plastic Parts said...

Well, Bernie would certainly be in good company, particularly if they let him lecture in Harvard Law School!


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Janna said...

Talking on the phone while driving is illegal in Michigan too.

If you do discover that it's ok to shoot them, let me know.
I need to find out how to get that gun permit.

Apparently starfruit ninja throwing-stars wouldn't work as well in that situation.


LL said...

What? They don't let you drive and talk on the phone out there? And you have to ask if you can shoot in/from a moving car too? You need to be out here... those are two of our favorite past times.

Da Old Man said...

@ Vanilla: True

@ Reffie: Bullets are cheap. 22's anyway

@ Quirky: Not a speakerphone, which is legal. Holding the phone while you nearly hit other cars: Highly illegal and worthy of a ticket for distracted driving.

@ Kevin: You know it

@ Janna: The ninja stars would work if they have a bumper sticker like "I break for dialysis."

@ LL: We aren't allowed to do anything but pay taxes.