Saturday, May 14, 2011

weekend update.

compter is actinhg up. orry for anyone who got a triple post of nothing.

Anyway, lots of stuff happening.

I decided to be a free-lance tutor for hire. I already have a few clients, and more who want to wait for summer.

Haven't passed out at dialysis in a week, so that's a positive.

You know what is really pissing me off lately?

News teasers.

"The one product in your pantry that will kill you! Tune in at 11"

If it's so dangerous, tell me now, dammit!!!

Mrs and I have been warring lately.

What do mean what did I do?

Oh yeah, youse always assume I did something,

Well, ok, maybe I did. A little bit. Sorta.

Alright, I was a total jerk and was almost bad. Almost. Sorta.

See, youse shoulda had more faith in me.


Gianetta said...

The tutoring will keep you busy. Good for you.

LL said...

What are you tutoring? I hope you're teaching the youth how to be a good husband...

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