Thursday, June 09, 2011

Damn! It's hot!!!!!

But the research and development at Crotchety Old Man Enterprises and Discount House of Worship have been hard at word solving the problem.

First, we developed a pants fan.

The wimmins model gave the testers an...ummm....well let's say a sorta Brazilian.

The mens?

My lawyers have advised me not to talk about it.

So our nezt phase of development (hey, Edison didn't make a working lightbulb on his first try) was a pants air conditioner. It is nearly completed, but the engineers can't decide if it should be powered by 2 car batteries with a handy yet handsome carrying case, or a really long cord.

I will get back to you once it is perfected and passes UL testing.

A campaign update.

I rolled around the neighborhood and solicited donations. I collected $11.16 and a button.

We have scheduled a fund raiser luncheon at Wendy's.

It's $5 a plate for Nuggets (spicy or regular) and choice of beverage.


LL said...

Does a frosty come with that? If so... you've got my vote almost locked up.

Anonymous said...
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Willy said...

Willy is hot in Arkansas.

10-4 Willy

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