Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weiner-gate the saga that never ends

New photos were released today where he flashes his guns. (snicker)

I had bigger guns when I was 12.

And still, in interviews with some New Yorkers, they still support him. "It's his personal business."

People over 80 shouldn't be allowedn to vote without an IQ test.

Now that I think of it, under 80 should have one,too.

Did you know in NJ, retarded people can vote. I used to work in Social Services so they pick up the folks and cart them to the polls.

Most of them can't tell the difference among a cartoon, a documentary, and the news. Nice to kinow who is determining our future.

When I get my leg later this month, I'll put blue pinstripes on it.

Love my Yankees.

The fun raiser didn't go so well last weekend.

A lost slightly inebriated guy showed up, which seems to be my core of supporters.

My new campaign chest totals @12.35 and a button. I should probably auction the button on ebay. It's really nice.


M. Hicks said...

Pinstripes sound classy. I drove by your blog today to check it out and ended up reading the last year of you. You crack me up! Keep crochety, you got a new reader.

LL said...

Well DOM... sorry to hear about the fundraiser. You know... I need a good button. Do you think it would go well on my cuff where they always fall off?

Da Old Man said...

@ M.Hicks: Thanks. I'll try to stop by your blog

LL: Of course. And it's a really nice one, too. Real classy.

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