Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Another Problem Solved

Ok, you know how those stupid flying carp are taking over some rivers in America? They destroy The native species and are a general PITA.

Ok, the government appropiates $10 mil (about what the military spends on those little plastic things on bootlace ends) to put a bounty on these fish, maybe a couple bucks each. Got to catch them with a net, not a drag seine, which would do too much damage to the ecosystem.

Take the fish to the cat food factory. Give it to them free.

So cat food drops in price. ranny with her 19 cats can get cheaper food, so naybe once a month or so, she orders a pizza.

So we provide employment, help the restuarnt industry, and hekp pizza delivery dudes.




Deb said...

Did you mean "flying crap, 'cause there's a lot of that going around, too.

Frank Lee MeiDere said...

Or...people start breeding the carp to send in for the bounty. It's what rat catchers used to do win Victorian England. Still -- providing employment, and cat food costs go down, so it's still a win.

nonamedufus said...

OK, I'm hooked.

vanilla said...

Washington never has seen a problem it didn't want to address with munya; and seldom has it seen one it can solve.

busana muslim said...

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