Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Soup

This show on E has been the launching pad for stars. Greg Kinnear was the old host years ago when it was called "Talk Soup." Today it is hosted by Joel McHale and just called the Soup. The show is a wrap-up of all the goofy moments from shows on many different channels. The best (worst?) of reality shows in less than 5 minutes. All those hours and hours of daytime talk shows that no one can sit through? You get the best in about 3 minutes. It is 22 minutes of funny clips with some very short skits done by the show's writers.
I consider it can't miss TV.
I rate it very highly, a very solid 8.


Kae said...

Eric here. Yeah Annette and I watch Talk Soup all the time!

Have you seen Mr. T's reality show? It's great!

Da Old Man said...

I want to watch a few more episodes to give a fair review.

The first one I saw was good.