Thursday, October 26, 2006


Thank God It's Xanax!!!!!!!!!!

My better half, the Crotchety Old Lady is extra cranky in the morning, and lately, has been really cranky all day long.

She has been going through a lot of personal strife and she has been letting it get to her. (imagine living with me every day--and I'm one of the bright spots lol) So, after all these many days of sadness, she has gone to see her doctor. He believes that she is beginning to get depressed. And he prescribed Xanax for her.

What a change it has made in her life!!! No longer is she a cranky wench in the morning. She has actually smiled in the morning for the first time since I met her. She still has many issues to deal with on a daily basis, but at least she is able to cope with them. We both are against medication unless absolutely necessary, but we are pretty glad that she made this choice.

It has been suggested (by her and anyone who knows me) that I would benefit from some drug therapy, but for now, I'm going to resist.

I already have such a sunny disposition and optimistic outlook, why mess with it? I wish I had a font for sarcasm.

Putting my usual real world outlook of impending doom and suicidal tendencies aside, I do intend to look into this medication for myself. I guess I'm just afraid I'll turn into a grinning idiot instead of the somber idiot that I usually am.


savvy said...

Grinning idiots rule!!!! One of us, one of us, one of us!!!