Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Making the move

Finally, the Yankees are running on all cylinders. Sure, they are currently feasting on the soft underbelly of the junior circuit, but that is what they should do. They need to keep the relatively weak hitting teams in check, while they smash the pitching of the sub .500 teams. They have been successfully getting out the starters early, and then really abusing the long/middle relief.
That was the formula in the great 96-00 run, and along with decent pitching should get it done again.
As my Yankee friend has said since spring training: 27 in 2007.
That would look great on a t-shirt.

At this point, Yankees are 6 behind the Sox and only 4 out of the wild card. Isn't it funny how quickly things change. Just a few short weeks ago, nearly everyone was ready to write off the Bombers. Now today, it seems like they are jumping on the NYY bandwagon. I don't mind the sportswriters/talking heads. Their job is to be controversial and also to try not to show any favoritism. I'm a huge fan of Mike and Mike in the morning, and had no problem with Golic picking the Yanks to finish out of the playoffs. First, he's a TV personality. He's a former football player, so what does he know? His job is to fill the air with 4 hours (or more) of talk per day. The show would be boring if he just agreed with Greenie (Yankees fan and long time pro sports guy.)
But these aren't the guys I have trouble with.

Yankees fans. Guys who profess to be dyed in the wool fans, gave up in May, fergawdsake.


Guys who claimed to bleed Yankees blue (or pinstripes?) gave up with over 100 games to go. Before they hit the half way point, they conceded the pennant, and all but gave up on the wild card.

What a bunch of second rate fans.

I just want all of us regular fans, the ones who wouldn't give up the ship until the first pitch of the playoffs, not to allow those who jumped to get back on. Sure, I always make room during the playoffs for fans of other teams and allow them a chance to become a Yankees fan. Sort of like amnesty for those who were so misguided and misinformed. But I have no patience for those who gave up. You guys can go root for the Cubs.