Sunday, July 15, 2007

Talking Heads, Bobbleheads and Knuckleheads

When I was growing up, sports coverage was fairly limited. The Yankees were on Channel 11 (with about half the games broadcast,) the Mets were on Channel 9, and the game of the week was on Channel 7 on Saturday afternoons. The TV news usually featured a short nightly sports report. So, what has changed?
Sports now has a bunch of TV channels just devoted to it. MSG, FSN, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Classic (just in case I really need to watch a 30 year-old bowling tournament) and a few others. The Yankees have their own channel and every single game is broadcast. The Mets and Sox have their own channels/networks also.
On the surface, this would appear to be great. Baseball fanatics can now satisfy their thirst for every single statistic as the networks have hours and hours to fill. But, I disagree. I believe we are in statistical overload.
It was just announced that Joe Maurer hit a walk off game winning single for the first time in his career last night. If I were a big Joe Maurer fan, that would mean something to me. I'm not, so it doesn't. However, because I believe that my brain can only contain and maintain so much information, I have now lost some bit of important info I may need at a later date. Did I lose the ability to figure out square roots?
Probably not because I couldn't do them before. So I worry about what I did lose.
And since sports networks have so much time to fill, we have to endure so many programs that should not be produced. Yes Network is busy touting a Tino Martinez Yankeeography. Ok, I like Tino as much as the next guy, but he sure doesn't warrant an hour special. If the network didn't have to fill 18 hours of daily programming, Tino would just be a part of the late 90's Yankees teams. So now, we get hours of dumb programming, hosted by even dumber ex-jocks as they interview players nobody cares much about.
Important update: Phillies are facing their 10,000th defeat as a franchise. Good thing Joe Morgan just pointed out that the Phillies can avoid this devastating defeat by outscoring their opponents. Even the most ardent fan couldn't possibly care about this alleged "milestone."
Is anyone thinking if only the 1972 team had just won a few more games? Just another meaningless statistic to fill the airwaves and my mind with senseless clutter.
How I miss the Scooter with his birthday announcements and his cannoli pandering.