Sunday, September 02, 2007


The Yankees have taken over the wild card, and don't look like they are going to relinquish the lead any time soon. The pitching is coming around at last. Other than Mussina, they have a credible starting staff, especially in a short series. A few years ago the Diamondbacks showed that with just 2 strong starters the World Series can be won. Wang, Pettitte and Clemens should be able to do the job. And the bullpen is balanced with Joba (my new favorite player, and the one voted "Best Son-in-Law Candidate Among New York Sports Stars, So How Do I Introduce Him To My Daughter") Chamberlain along with Mo who seems to be hitting postseason stride. Vizcaino is doing well, and Ramirez seems to be getting better with every game. I'm not worried about the pitching for the first time in many years. Considering how young many of the pitchers are, they should be dominant in the near future, also.

The offense is not quite as productive as expected, but some of the guys who were struggling early have picked up the pace. Abreu and Matsui have come back from slow starts and are both well on the way to 100 RBI years again. A-Rod is having an MVP year, while Jorge is having one of his best years at bat and in the field. I thought catchers slowed down at his age? Couldn't happen to a better guy.

Damon is starting to hit a little, and he has decided to shut up. Both of these are good moves on his part, and good for the team. And, against all odds, Jason Giambi is back, and has been playing first like a Gold Glover. Yeah, Giambi has been making good plays around the bag. He even made a couple run saving plays. I'm a huge fan of the G man, but never thought he would ever remind me of Mattingly at first.

I remember an announcer a few years ago remarked that bad teams seem to play well early before they realize how bad they are. Seemed silly at the time, but it sure does seem to follow throughout the years. It almost is as if the Yankees suddenly realized how good they were, and have been playing great since the All-Star break. Since the break, thay have been playing at a blistering .667 pace. If they had done this from April, they would have 90 wins already, and the howling in Beantown about the payroll would have been so long and loud. I'm glad it happened this way. I haven't been subjected to the usual mid-season whining from all the teams with ownership that doesn't care about their teams enough to try to give them what they need to put a winning squad on the field.