Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who is in the Playoffs?

This has been one of the greatest seasons ever. Here it is, with one game to go, and the NL still hasn't determined which teams are in the playoffs. Only one division is decided (the Central--go Cubbies!) while the East is a flat-footed tie between the Phillies and Mets. I think everybody is still alive in the West. That was a slight exaggeration. The D-Backs are in, but it may be as division winner or wild card. The wild card has not been determined, because the Mets, Phils and Padres may all wind up with the same record.

The most amazing part of this year is that the Yankees were written off a few months ago, as were the Phillies. Baseball is a long season. And I can't remember any season when the words of Yogi Berra were ever more appropriate, "It ain't over, til it's over."

A-Rod has all but won the MVP award, and that brings up an interesting question. How can a guy sign a 10 year deal with the option to walk at 7? Which genius executive signed off on that? And it makes one wonder just how high is up? A-Rod is getting 25 mil per year, and he is seeking a raise? WTH!!! I realize he is probably the best player in the game today, but more than 25 mil per? Didn't he catch enough crap when he signed last time? And, yes, I completely understand that baseball contracts are not about the money per year, but the total dollars. And A-Rod is at the age where this may be his last shot at another mega contract. What would have been wrong with another 7 years at 25 mil per? That would make his total for the last 2 contracts for 14 years at 25 mil per year. Total contract 350 mil. That should make for a fairly comfortable retirement.

I was watching the Phillies game today, and saw something so stupid. Sitting in the stands, at a Philadelphia Stadium, watching a game against the Washington franchise, was some moron in a Mets cap. Maybe I'm a traditionalist, but this is just wrong. It's great to support one's team, and if the Mets were within 50 miles of the Stadium I could understand it. But when you wear shirt, caps, etc. representing a team that is no where in sight, that is just plain rude and ignorant. The only exception to this would be if one had a classic bit of memorabilia, like a Negro League cap or a Carl Hubbel jersey. Otherwise, just wear a cap saying, "Booger Eating Moron."

Playoffs begin Tuesday with the Yankees against the Indians.

GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!