Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two fer Tuesday is Back

I read a lot of blogs, so I like the idea of sharing some of them.

One I enjoy is kind of hard to describe.
Graham at www.adullamite.blogspot.com/ writes a blog that more or less contains his thoughts on a variety of subjects. He has a very dry sense of humor, and touches on such subjects as sports (well, UK ones, so I have no idea what he's writing about, but he still keeps it interesting) learning to drive, looking for work (and hoping he doesn't find it, I believe) some nice photos of the countryside, history, recipes, and so much more. It's very well written, and he updates frequently.

My second choice is one of the can't miss blogs for me, Dani at www.momscrazylife.com/

6 kids, a full time job as a nurse, an almost unnatural love for her inner sanctum known as the bathroom, along with a propensity for attracting weird and obnoxious strangers during her shopping expeditions (shopping with 1 kid --a trip to the store; 6 kids--an expedition) and successful sitcoms have been done based on less. She recently was featured in a magazine, and is a riot. Her life seems to be a chaotic whirlwind, and I get exhausted just reading about her days. Yet she always seems to find the humor in some of the most difficult situations. This is not your typical Mom blog. Photobucket

I hope you enjoy these blogs.

And make sure you stop by tomorrow for the weekly Caption This, and, of course, the beginning of Humorbloggers World Domination Week.

I'm working on a special contest in the near future. Is chocolate a good prize?

They are taking over the world at:


Unknown said...

Awww..Thank you Joe...You seriously made my bad day, good.....
Thank you again..

Unknown said...

If I had any confidence in the fact of you having anything, I would sue you for blog post title infringement (new law, but it pays just as good as the old ones). For Two "fer" Tuesday ain't foolin' no one--certainly not me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can holler all you want about the fact that my "TWO FOR TUESDAY" is about Spiritual song lyrics--not blogs. You can even holler about the fact that I stole "TWO FOR TUESDAY" from music radio in the first-place.


(The makers of Eskalith cannot be held liable for this tirade. For their lithium-based medication is meant to help with rants and raves--not tirades.)

Unknown said...

Be prepared, my plans for retribution have already been set into motion. For I've put both of those blogs on the list for a future FIVE FOR FRIDAY, and I left a comment on "Mom's Crazy Life." SO THERE, AGAIN!!!

A New Yorker said...

Dani's blog rocks! And BTW Ms. Dani, after reading your take the keys away post, I had a near hit crossing the street from an old fart who decided a red light wasn't his business and made a turn anyway.

Unknown said...

Chocolate is always a good prize. :)

I will have to check out the blogs you mentioned. I recognize both of the names, so I may just need a memory-refresher! You always find good stuff.

Da Old Man said...

@ Dani: You are quite welcome.

@ Fishhawk: I have already trademarked "fer" and have a team of liars, I mean lawyers, working on Tuesday. You should tread lightly, my avian friend. :)

@ Lauren: Yes, Dani rocks.

@ Jenn: I scour the internet to for all of youse.
MMMM chocolate. Sorry, I lost my train of thought. I am deciding on a contest and then what type of premium chocolate.

Bradley said...

Dani's blog is the bomb! I'm not familiar with Graham's blog so I'll have to check it out. For some strange reason I consider you a good source for suggesting blogs.

Da Old Man said...

@ Bradley: I read so many every day, I come across a lot of good ones.

HumorSmith said...

Dani is da one...or is it two??

I promise I won't sue, Da...even though you write a funny blog, and I do also. Even though you take comments and I do too. Even though we both plan to dominate the world. I won't sue. Mainly because I refuse to let a stranger go over my briefs.

HumorSmith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Da Old Man said...

@ Humor: I have no intention of going in, over, or near your briefs.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is a good prize, a good gift and a good "make Dana happy" surprise UPS delivery. (address available upon request) I've got my Humalog pen dialed up to its maximum. Bring it on dude, bring it on.

eve cleveland said...

Thanks Croch,
I already read Dani and went to visit the other one too. Excellent taste, as always, my friend.

Chat Blanc said...

pfft. like you even have to ask me whether chocolate is a great prize! just make sure it isn't that chemical tainted stuff from china. btw, what dumbass company makes chocolate in china? what do they know about good chocolate?? ugh. tragic.

TheFLy said...

Nice picks. I love dani, she is awesome. Funny as hell too.

buzz buzz

Jackie said...

Hey my youngest daughter is an ER RN and just gave birth to her 4th son.

Don't get me wrong I love my grandkids but personally I think she is nuts!!LOL:-)))

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the blog suggestions. I always like to find new ones that I like.

Da Old Man said...

@ Dana: Scharffenberger chocolate is good for diabetics. It's like a vegetable.:)

@ Eve: Glad you like them. Dani is the bomb, too. :)

@ Chat: Only the good stuff. Chinese and chocolate just doesn't go.

@ The Fly: Knew dat

@ Shinade: I had 1 spawn and that was enough. Can't imagine 4 or 6.

@ Kirsten: So many good ones.

Adullamite said...

Shucks Joe.
See I can talk Yank!

Her blog is a goodie I must say.
Great stuff.

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