Saturday, May 16, 2009

File under "You can't make this crap up"

Did you see the story of the mom in Florida who is demanding the school reprint all the yearbooks because her little dumbass girl has a very unflattering photo of her in the yearbook? Seems the little moron princess decided to "go commando" so she didn't have those embarassing panty lines in her yearbook photo. Then, she sat in such a way as to expose herself.

And such a thing would cause irreparable harm, and haunt her the rest of her life.

She has bigger problems than that.

Not for nothing, but how vain is someone so worried about a stupid high school picture that she thinks about panty lines in a group photo? And maybe someone could have taught her not to sit like an NFL linebacker.

Cross your legs, Honey


Chris said...

NO NO NO, DAMMIT! Old man, what are you thinking? People taking responsibility for their own actiosn?!? What country do you think this IS?

I think they should keep the yearbook the way it is, as a lesson to other idiots.

Chelle Blögger said...

Oh no you didn't. I purposefully avoided clicking that story on CNN earlier (they had video!) because I did not want that image burned into my fragile brain.

Now it is.

Now you owe me. :)

Barako Brew said...

That's the stuff that makes Highschool memories. Should make that particular Yearbook the most popular one in the highschool's history.

Hey. That should easily make it as "Smile of the Year".

Unknown said...

How on earth did she think the camera would pick up panty lines sitting down in a photo?

I guess she's not the valedictorian for this year, huh?

A New Yorker said...

HS is all about the fake! Come on Joe. And the part of the brain that teaches us consequenses (I can't spell UGH) doesn't fully develop until we are almost 20-21.
BTW I've seen grown women sit like this on the subway...a lot.

Lin said...

Oh, if I was that mom, I would have the school collect each and every yearbook and have my kid sit there with a black marker "correcting" every single yearbook! What an idiot kid! What an idiot parent to expect the school to correct the mistake!

Donnie said...

We used to try our best to get away with crap like that. Her mom needs to grow up along with that moron punk kid of hers.

brokenteepee said...

Uhm, don't they edit these things BEFORE they go to print.
WHERE was the editor.

besides the fact that the girl WAS stupid.

I hadn't seen this story, but then again I don't have a TV in my goat house

Thinkinfyou said...

She just wanted to take after Britney and Paris....can ya blame her!?!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That's hilarious. Pretty superficial, I'd say. I have to go check out the video now...inquiring minds NEED to know.

Da Old Man said...

@ Chris: It just doesn't seem fair. Kid does something dumb, and has to live with it. Make it all go away.

@ Offended: Sorry

@ Barako: It will be a collector's item.

@ Jenn: I'm sure she's not.

@ Lauren: But they aren't knowingly having their picture taken.

@ Lin: School should correct it, and charge the parent

@ Don: It was a tradition to try to sneak stuff into the yearbook

@ Pricilla: I'm pretty sure it wasn't that obvious. School claims it is a shadow

@ Thinking: Exactly like those 2.

@ Mary: Yes, we need to know.

Unknown said...

I live in Florida and haven't heard about that. I would leave it there as a lesson to everyone else.. dumbass

Anonymous said...

Doesn't someone "proof read" these things? Or did they leave it in accidentally on purpose. Or, whatever...stupid and irresponsible are two of my favorite rant subjects

Unknown said...

Well, panty lines have always been of great concern to me.

Da Old Man said...

@ Dizz: They should. Bet she'll wear her underwear for her senior picture, then.

@ Grace: One can only assume they missed it. Whether or not it was an "accident" will never be known.

@ FishHawk: That's the word on the street.

Squidsquirts said...

What about the nudist school where they had to reprint the yearbooks when one kid was discovered to be wearing a flesh-coloured bodysuit?

brokenteepee said...

A shadow of her future career?

kathcom said...

Twenty-some-odd years ago, I worked on my high school yearbook. This is the kind of photo that we would have killed for. We might have put it on the cover.Yay for them for putting it in.
I wonder if she had a landing strip or a disco bush?