Saturday, May 09, 2009

How About A Brazilian?

The late, great George Carlin said that funny stuff is always happening and it's the comic's job to point it out.
As a humorblogger, my job is very similar. And yes, I am a professional humorblogger. It doesn't matter that I make about 12 hours a dollar, but what does matter is that in my more or less delusional state, I consider myself to be one.

So there. Photobucket
I am so immature
Anyway, while looking through the want ads to find a job for the Crotchety Old Lady because she is driving me crazy sitting around here she wants to keep busy. I noticed, probably due to the poor economy, several "Jobs wanted" listings for women willing to clean houses. There have always been a few of these, but it just seemed to be so many of them.

And a few really got my attention. They offered "Bazilian Style Housecleaning."

Got me to thinking, and I let the Crotchety Old Lady know that when she goes back to work, I will hire some housekeepers Photobucket
to come by and clean our home "Brazilian Style."

You'd think she would have been more appreciative. Nothing seems to make that woman happy.

I was tagged by PJ of PJ's Prose with the
The staff and I appreciate it when the blog receives any recognition, but we don't tag anyone or follow rules because, well, we do tend to get easily distracted and mess them up.
Thank you, PJ.

I like to read her blog, it's a personal blog, kind of a mixed bag, and a fun read.


Kelly Ann said...

I think you could totally man up to a Brazilian style cleaning, just make sure your medicine cabinet is well stocked!

Squidsquirts said...

I'm seeing it! A conga line of feather dusters, cocktails with umbrellas in at coffee break... And you, frequently 'accidentally' dropping things on the floor. I envy you.

nonamedufus said...

Wax on, wax off. Manly, yes, but she likes it too.

Anne said...

I would be totally appreciative. If someone is cleaning my house, I totally wouldn't care what they wore. I bet if you point out that she doesn't have to clean up after you, Mrs. C will jump right on board.

Unknown said...

Twelve hours a dollar? That's hilarious!
You're good, Crotchety.

Da Old Man said...

@ Lady Sarcasm: It always is. I'm in favor of hiring housecleaning help. It's her who always seems to find an issue with my good ideas.

@ Husbands Anon: It's like you read my mind.

@ Nonamed: Waxing isn't mentioned in the ad, and I don't know if I'd be up to that.

@ Anne: I'd like to think it's because she wants to be superwoman and take care of the house, too. But I think she could use a break.

@ Sherry: Thanks.

ReformingGeek said...

I can see a shoe strap breaking and you having to help them fix it....

Mrs. C will praise you for being so helpful to others in need.

Donnie said...

Brazilian style cleaning sounds good. As you can clearly see they wear their own dusters. Tell Da Mrs. Crotchety that's why they move and shake alot. It's to dust. It's nothing sexual at all. That comes when they clean the shower.

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

Congratulations on the award, my husband wants me to clean my house in that outfit all the time.

Anonymous said...

My mind is much dirtier than everybody's.

I was thinking that they would give YOU a Brazilian.




heh heh

brokenteepee said...

Well, I guess they just dance through and dust without having to stop. Saves time....and you are so, uh, uplifted by their presence you don't notice what they missed.

Unknown said...

I am like Quirky. My first thought was "oh no Crotchety is getting a Brazilian hot wax!" You are so much braver than I thought. But, you are not and, you are not. You are studly though, in your own way.

Lin said...

I'm just wondering if these ladies vacuum the carpeting like they wax. It's bizarre, I know, but that's what I was thinking when you said that they cleaned house "Brazilian Style".

Unknown said...

i totally understand old man, and thank you for the reply. ;)

Mr. Nuggets said...

When they're done at your place, can they come to mine?


I think that was my wife hitting me from next door.


Funny post. Thanks!

Da Old Man said...

@ Reforming: I'm sure she will.

@ Don: They are the best at dusting

@ Heather: Can't blame him.

@ Quirky: Perv

@ Pricilla: They'd do a good job, I'm sure. I just want my house cleaned.

@ Etta: Me, use a misleading title? Never. You and Quirky are just perverts.

@ Lin: I only read the want ads and try to figure it out. I'm afraid to call.

@ PJ: No, thank you. I am honored.

@ Chris: I got the same reaction here. She laughed then she smacked me in the head. Said I smiled too much.

Michelle said...

Ok when you talked brazilian I immediately thought of a brazilian wax!!!

Unknown said...

i could use a Brazilian style cleaning too...

is that tmi?

Amy Mullis said...

I'm in the same room with three teenaged boys and a husband with a teenaged boy mind. I almost couldn't read the post because as soon as I hit the picture, my monitor fogged up for some reason. And I think there's drool on the screen. But it looks like it would be a very funny post.

John said...

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