Saturday, August 08, 2009

It never ends

Because hospital personnel treat people like hunks of beef, tossing us around and pummeling us like Rocky,


it looks like I have to go in to the hospital for tests.

The severe abdominal pain that my doctor hoped was nothing, looks like it may be something.

Should my entire abdomen be black and blue?

By the way, guess who was the first doctor to submit a bill?

Dr. Asshole, the one who misdiagnosed that I had a stroke.


shyne said...

"Should my entire abdomen be black and blue?"
Well, yes, if Mrs COM has been smuggling in some hot Texas Chili!

That Dr. Asshole was the first to submit a bill?
I hope the insurance company reciprocates and miswrites his check.

Hang in there, COM....:-)

A New Yorker said...

Are they going to give you a CAT scan? That in a matter of moments will show EVERYTHING! When I went to the ER and totally didn't need it, they scared me into getting one. You have to drink some nasty water crap and then take the test. The test itself is fast and shows everything in you. Push the bastards. MAKE NOISE.

Moonrayvenne said...

Seriously, do they have any idea what they are doing there? Sounding a little like malpractice to me. Get well soon & keep on them about everything.

nonamedufus said...

Maybe you should mis-read the misdiagnosing doctor's bill and pay him only a fraction of what he's charged, seeing how he only did a fraction of what was expected of him. Give him a taste of his own medicine!

nipsy said...

In the spirit of the BareNakedLadies: "If I had a million dollars, I'd send a new doc to you".

Absolutely ridiculous. There is no other description. I wonder if you could get away with sending Dr. Asshole payments of $1.00 at a time??

Adullamite said...

You are in the US.
Sue Dr Ass for misdiagnosis!

(I require 10% for being your agent)

Unknown said...

Yep, it sounds like you are getting back to normal quite nicely. By the way, I hear that attempting to keep your gut sucked in for extended periods of time can result in your entire abdomen turning black and blue. So, just how cute are those sponge bath babes around there?

Anonymous said...

Should your entire abdomen be black and blue?

What are you in a military hospital?

Everyone knows these days that abdomens should be ebony and aqua!


Sorry for the doctor and hospital woes. Unfortunately Sir, you are correct, it NEVAH ends! Sending smart vibes to the hospital personnel over there DOM! And a hug to you and the Mrs. {hug}

Unknown said...

That sucks! I will keep praying for you Joe! You are tough and you have lotsa people praying and sending you lotsa love.

Hang in there.

Karma will get Dr. A.!

Donnie said...

Damn Joe! Now what?! Is the abdominal thing something that's just come up. Like since your last post?
Well, they shouldn't have much problem finding what's causing it with CATs and MRI's, etc.
That's not the stroke doc saying this to you is it?

Lin said...

The hell??! I hope they find it and get you better quick, Joe. Sounds like you are sort of a guinea pig over there. Yikes. Keep yelling--you know, squeaky wheel theory.

Unknown said...

Come on already! What the hell are they doing to you? I want you to start being The Meanest Crotchety Old Man Yelling at Cars. Hang in there honey!

Secondary Roads said...

Back to the hospital and an improved diet. If they do a CAT scan, make sure they use the Angora, not the Persian.
You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Michelle said...

Gosh Old Man I am so sorry for what your going through!


Get better fast I miss you!!!!

ReformingGeek said...

Man, sorry to hear and I didn't really mean for The Mrs. to hit you like that!

Take care!

Janna said...

You keep making me worry about you more and more with every passing week!

With any luck, this is burning a ton of calories and I will be a size 2 by the time I turn 40.

Thanks in advance.

And kick some butts over there!

lot 2 learn said...

Sorry to hear you are still having a rough time.
You must have some good Ins. because they will not let you go.
Hang in there

brokenteepee said...

I hope Dr. A. Hole is the last one they pay.

I hope they figure out what is wrong very quickly...goat hugs again, but soft ones so as not to bruise.

JennyMac said...

Should your entire abdomen be black and blue? Did you just have a C section?


Good luck. And you should mail your payments in pennies.

Sandee said...

Dr. Asshole? Sorry, but that's just not right at all. Have your attorney contact Dr. Asshole. Just saying.

Hope things get better soon. :)

Mrs Sweetwater said...

uhhhh uhhh.. liver. you have diabetes right ? do you have an implant for a pump ? or is that where they ran your femoral line ?

so many possibilities, that I'd really need to see it :(
remember I am a trained professional, but that does not help.

glad you got into Davita.
they can be very helpful. get tht pharmacy delivery to chair set up quickly. it saves you all the way around.

Feel Better Old Man

Kirsten said...

Get better! Stop going to the damn hospital already!!

CastoCreations said...

Oh for Pity's sake. Absolutely ridiculous. :( Hang in there!!!

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