Sunday, June 06, 2010

Looking for Pain Management!

They did a second surgery Friday at 2:30 pm to prepare the leg for a prosthesis. They started the flap just below the knee. When that heals (weeks or months) I will be fitted. I am figuring I will spend that time at home. WHAT?! ITS ONLY BEEN A YEAR!

I have been in pain but not as much as now. The big toe is killing me...They have been trying and alternating pain meds. Nothing seems to work for too long. Mrs. "C" spent yesterday afternoon, but I slept most of the time hence the short, weird blog.

Heart rate has been stabilized and is responding to meds.

I slept through a round of morphine, so hopefully today will be a better one!

Thanks for the good thoughts!


nonamedufus said...

Joe, sorry about your pain. It can't be much fun contending with that. But you must be excited at the prospect of going home. It's been a long haul. That's great news. All my best to you and Mrs C.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm sorry to hear about the pain. I think about you often.

Take care!

Donnie said...

God bless you friend! I'm confused and I'm not on morphine. Your big toe is killing you? Is that phantom pains from the amputation or from your remaining foot? Sorry, I must have missed a chapter to this story somewhere.

Deb said...

There's no place like home and I hope you get back to yours very soon.

As always, prayers and good thoughts for you, Joe.

shyne said...

It's been a whole year!?!?

I hope the right med will be found soon and your pain will be gone.
And, REALLY hoping you'll be able to go home soon. That's probably the best therapy.

Keeping you in my thoughts. :-)

Kate said...

Wishing you lots of good things and a very speedy recovery -- from everything!!

Janna said...

Thinking of you!

Waiting for the day when you're back home, watching TV and making smart remarks and eating pork rolls and happily blogging away.


Unknown said...

I was taught long ago that a sharp wack to the forehead with a ball-peen hammer will take care of any big toe pain. In fact, it will take care of about any sort of pain in other parts of the body. Now, if there ain't a ball-peen hammer handy, the lovely and talented Mrs. C could probably use a claw hammer just as effectively. No, there is no need to thank me. For I am always glad to help.

Maritess G said...

Hi Joe,
Sorry about the pain. Sending you good thoughts :)

Take care,

LL said...

Ending the vacation so soon?

Boy... I wish I could take a year off... Lucky bastich...

Still wishing you the best DOM.