Monday, June 21, 2010


After the hellish year I've been through, I got to thinking.

Shouldn't I be allowed to date?

It seems pretty young nurse (pyn) has an unattached pretty young sister (pys)who is a reader. What would be the harm in going on a double date with "pyn", her beloved Mr. Mopey, "pys" and ME?

Geez, I am only talking pizza and a movie, not a weekend in an Atlantic City casino...shouldn't I be allowed to share my gimpy studliness?

Oh, by the way, John McLean was just hired as coach of the Devils a few years ago. We shared a moment at adjacent urinals. I'm pretty sure he peeked too.


Unknown said...

Um, is this some sort of a test to see if the lovely and talented Mrs. C actually reads what you write? Of course, considering all of the times you have had your naughty bits on display for all to see, one could argue that you-all really do have a very open marriage. I'm still wondering where Nurse Dave fits in, however.

nonamedufus said...

Hey Crochety! Urinal my thoughts.

Maritess said...

Hi Joe!
LOL :)

~tess~ (pys)