Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow again

I'm starting to feel bad for Mrs.C., but have to admit all this shoveling is getting her kinda buff.

Lately been watching Idol, hate it but Mrs. likes Steven Tyler, thinks he's so handsome. Now I'm all male, so I can't tell a handsome male from all the rest, but I can spot ugly, and he is fugly, which is a step beyond.

I woke up this norning with my usual weird thoughts, and today's was what ever happened to Fearless Fosdick?

And quickly followed by who the heck is Fearless Fosdick?

Thanks to our friends at the Google, I found out who he was. It's not easy being me.


Gianetta said...

I had to google it too. Sounds like a superhero. Come by the blog and take a guess at my contest if you get the time.

Sandee said...

I had to look this up too. How soon we forget and I was raised with the cartoon. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

LL said...

You know... my bro's GF was saying the exact same thing the other day. I was staunchly in your camp.

Janna said...

At first I said "I'm not going to Google it; I'm going to resist the urge..."
And then, .563 seconds later, I went ahead and looked.

I'm just stopping by for a brief visit before I go back to bed and try to whimper loud enough to make this awful cold/flu go away.

Remember that cayenne pepper powder you sent? I had some of it this morning on a breakfast sandwich.
Not bad!
I was hoping it would clear out my sinuses.
Alas, still plugged.

f82bfat said...

I'm confused. Is everyone Goggleing Fearless Fosdick or Steven Tyler. I don't know either one. Which one is uglier?

f82bfat said...

I Goggled both of them. Gawd almighty...that Steven Tyler is one butt ugly guy. And why is he famous?

Donnie said...

Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger have got to be Satin incarnated into rock stars. They look evil! Seriously, how much damned room is there in the world for that much 'ugly'?

Frank Lee MeiDere said...

Fearless Fosdick grew up to become Dick Tracy.

In the daily comics, by the way, Tracy has been stuck in a torrential rain storm with a killer for over three weeks! Their entire conversation for over two of those weeks has consisted of the killer (who is wrapped in chains) telling Tracy, "I'm going to kill you." This past week his conversational gambit has changed to, "Why don't you be a sport and take these chains off me?"

I miss Fearless.

Willy said...

Willy bets you look in the mirror everyday and say wow. Got to be good to see. Who is fearless Fosdick anyway. Any kind to Foghorn.

19-4 Willy