Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wieird stuff

I'm not making this up (for once) but their is a fruit that can kill me.


No one is sure how much it will take, but I was told don't ever eat any.

So youse know what is going through my mind.

What the hell does it taste like and where can I get some.
What if I only licked it?

I will buy some and use it to get Mrs. C to do stuff.

When I ask her to get me a snack and she says no, just whip out the starfruit and say, "No prob, I'll eat this," and see her jump up. Cruel, but funny.

What if she says no? Calls my bluff?

No wonder I'm always in trouble with her.


Janna said...


1. Why will starfruit kill you?

2. You're not missing much. I've tried them and they have almost no flavor at all. They look really cool, but that's about it. The texture is very firm. The taste is nondescript. Not very sweet.

3. So if I wanted to kill you, I could make thin slices of starfruit and throw them at you like those Ninja throwing stars?

(Er, I mean, wow... how awful!)

ReformingGeek said...

Oops. Don't open that package I sent.



LL said...

I always figured I'd give Janna a wide berth...

Now I know.

f82bfat said...

Did some test randomly show that you could die from an obscure fruit? Weird stuff, indeed. And Janna is right, you aren't missing anything. I bought a couple once just "because" they looked neat. Didn't even finish one of them. Now, if you were to suffer death by, say, kiwi, I would really feel bad, because kiwis are great. The fruit...not the bird.

Donnie said...

Starfruit isn't bad, but I don't rush out to buy them when they're on sale. I think you heard they may kill you due to some of the meds you may take. I know that they can interact in a dangerous way with specific drugs. So far I haven't found a bad drug yet though.

Chelle Blögger said...

Isn't pufferfish the deadly fruit? ;)

Da Old Man said...

@ Janna: Not sure, but someone ondialysis absolutely can't eat them. Ninja stars of starfruit would be deadly, but imagine the CSI guys trying to figure that out.

@ Reffie: Thanks for the warning. I think.

@ LL: Hell yeah

@ f82fat: It's just a wierd thing with dialysis patients. I guess because my kidneys barely function.

@ Donnie: Nope, it's the kidneys. I barely ever pee, and then it's only a couple ounces.

@ Offenned: If I ever face lethal injection, my last meal is pufferfish in a starfruit reduction

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