Saturday, May 21, 2011

In case the world ends today

Thought I'd share some random thoughts, though if it does end, this blog will be as useful as always. That is, print it out and line a bird cage.

Useful tip number one (in case there is a Monday) Always buy used textbooks. They have been read, so you don't have to. A big timesaver for a student.

In case the Apocalypse produces Zombies, one of the best weapons is a shotgun. A baseball bat also works well.

Never trust a Zombie that wants to be your friend. For more Zombie related tips watch Shawn of the Dead or any Zombie related instructional videos.

Never believe anyone who says the way they cook liver, it's delicious. Liver is always nasty, even if it is covered with whipped cream.

Arugala is over rated.

After the Apocalypse, giant cockroaches will rule the earth. I saw it in a 70's Godzilla documentary.

Shouldn't Queen Elizabeth step down already? Give Charles a chance to be Queen, if only for today.

If a terrorist became a Zombie, would he blow up other Zombies? That would be a good thing, right?

See you next week, unless we are all fighting Zombies and demons.


Anonymous said...


I'm chomping at the bit to see if we all fade away or go up in a big kaboom.

Zombies rule!

ReformingGeek said...

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

Was everyone else raptured? It's quiet and spooky around here.

Oh, never mind. There's my neighbor riding his motorcycle and my other neighbor....

Wait. I just saw my neighbor's dogs ascend into heaven.


Sandee said...

What? I've already been fighting zombies and demons. They've been here all along. You mean it's going to get worse after 6pm tonight?

Have a terrific day Crotchety. My best to Mrs. C. :)

middle child said...

"Give Charles a chance to be Queen." Love it!

Janna said...

I agree completely about the evil taste of liver.

The only thing worse than cockroaches and zombies would be cockroach zombies.
'Cause you'd NEVER be able to kill them, and stepping on them would only make them mad.

Perhaps Charles could placate them by feeding Camilla to them.
Or feeding them to Camilla.
I'm not picky.

driving school in newham said...

interesting.. well i never read/listen about zombies

LL said...

Good thing I've spent the last few years on a killing spree. I'm all ready for the zombies.

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh! I loved this list.

I Wonder Wye said...

I will print out and tape up your tips for future use...totally agree with that liver statement...I do hope the entertainment world is 'over' zombies soon...

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