Saturday, August 20, 2011

Living on the Edge

In the news they stated that those who watch a lot of TV are as at risk for early, sudden death as smokers and couch potatoes.

I watch about 84 hours a week (is that a lot?) so I may not make it to the end of this post.

So far, so good. My fringers are crossed, which makes it really hard to type.

Every day, craziness surrounds us.

Tidbit in the local paper, "Jewish singles group to meet for lunch at Cheezeburger in Paradise."

Uhhhm, aren't cheeseburgers not Kosher?

I'm not Jewish, nor am I single, but I can laugh at it.

Is Justin Bieber the anti-Christ?


Mrs. C has been in a, shall we say, mood, lately.

Nope, I didn't do a thing to cause it.

Yeah, ok, I do tend to poke the bear occasionally.

It gets boring around here.

Stumpy still hasn't healed. When he does, he'll go to the hospital with me for a few weeks. We have to learn to walk again. It's been over 2 years.

Bye for now.


ReformingGeek said...

I hope Stumpy heals soon.

Be nice to Mrs. C.

I think I saw Justin smoking a cigarette walking up to your front door to visit Mrs. C. He lit the thing with his finger.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Cheeseburgers are kosher. Bacon cheeseburgers are not. Either one sounds good right now. Though not from CiP, I'd rather have one from Five Guys.
We have neither here in Pennsyltucky, so I suppose a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats will have to do.

f82bfat said...

Does this mean they will start selling tvs with graphic pictures
like cigarette packs have? "The Surgeon General says watching tv for 84 hours a week can be deadly" will be stenciled on the front of every new tv.
And I don't know about Justin Beiber being the anti-christ. Although the very rare occasions I have heard him sing I did indeed think I had died and gone to hell. Connection? I don't know.

nonamedufus said...

So I guess if you smoke on the couch while watching TV you're really up shit creek.

Catch My Words said...

Sorry, but Shieldmaiden06 is wrong. Jews aren't supposed to mix milk and meat, so cheeseburgers are not kosher, but I imagine one could get a cheeseburger without cheese. It reminds me of the ad in the grocery store that read, "Get your holiday ham for Chanukah." As for Justin Beiber, :p.


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