Sunday, November 13, 2011

Step by step

Turns out
Mrs C stole over 50,000 and a car to give to the Succubus and the Con
Man (her 2 Hellspawn.)

The police are investigating, tomorrow I'll report to DMV, and on Thursday I have an appointment with the lawyer

Sorry not around but I have been diagnosed with ptsd, and not in the mood to do anything.

I really need to sue those scum.

The Succubus tells people I killed her Mother.


crpitt said...

Just caught up with the past few months of fucking hell you have had and continue to have and I am sorry for that.

Thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nonamedufus said...

What a soap opera, Joe. Maybe you could get a camera and do one of those reality shows. Don't let the bastards grind you down, guy. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm with Claire and Dufus... EGGSACTLY.

Sorry for the hell you've gone and are still going through.


Kate said...

That's unbelievable. What a mess.

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