Monday, September 11, 2006

Greg The Bunny

Greg the Bunny is a series of shorts that appear on IFC. There does not appear to be any set schedule, nor any set lenghth of the vignettes. Most are loosely based upon scenes from famous movies. The original show has a history ( that is available on DVD.
But before you sit down with the kids to watch a cute show with puppets, be forewarned: This ain't Jim Henson's Muppets.

In a recent episode, Greg, a puppet with a touch of autism (their description, not mine)wanted to get back together with his friends from their old show. They are going to do a Greg the Bunny reunion special. Greg and his best bud, a Gorilla puppet named Warren, head to Vegas to meet up with Count Blah. Blah is similar to the Count from Sesame Street, but in the context of the show, he is the Count's bitter rival. Blah now works in a lounge act in Vegas.

When they get to Vegas, Warren starts to gamble (yes he has some "problems") and smoke cigars and gets drunk at the blackjack table. He loses all their money. Greg then sits in and proceeds to win that back plus enough to make them rich. Greg is like Rain Man in that he is a mathematical genius when it comes to playing blackjack. With their big winnings, Warren convinces innocent Greg to hire some hookers. Warren accidently kills one of the hookers, and the show ends with Greg and Warren in prison in orange jumpsuits.

If your sense of humor is is warped enough to laugh at drunken, smoking, cursing, womanizing puppets, you'll love Greg the Bunny.

I rate it a very strong 9.


savvy said...

Sweet, anyone who passes out some GTB love is all good in the eyes of savster, Katertot and the pump. Check out for the DVD of the entire Fox series, and an upcoming DVD of the IFC stuff!