Friday, March 28, 2008

A Peaceable Kingdom

I have seen pictures in biblical scenes with the lion laying with the lamb. I've always used the expression "fought like cats and dogs." Certain animals are just "natural enemies."
But, I know a lady who works in animal rescue. She goes by the online name "Snickerdoodles."
She rescues animals, both wild and tame, and rehabilitates them. What is truly remarkable, is that many of them spend considerable time in her home.

Just looking at some of these photos totally amazed me.
Cats sleeping fitfully next to dogs; birds nuzzling cats; bunnies running free.

It just makes me wonder about the human condition. With love and proper care, such as food and health care, these "enemies" are able to coexist. I wonder why humans, the highest order of animal, hasn't figured this out yet?

By the way, this is a picture of Katy. She was a rescue from New Orleans. Most folks would say it's hard to find anything good that came out of Hurricane Katrina, but Katy and Snickers may not share that opinion. Katy is a sweetheart, just look at her face. You'll find plenty of pictures of her posted at my board, and at ebay's Soapbox. She likes to get dressed up and celebrate all the Holidays. A true party animal. And she gets along with all the cats and other critters. If possible, open your heart and rescue an animal today. So many need homes, and would love to become a part of your family like Katy.



savvy said...

Very nice post, and close to our hearts here. As you know, we love our cats very much and were devastated by the untimely passing of our Pumpkin last year. If we had the space we would adopt a dog. Nice pics, and very nice sentiment. Settle down, old man, before everyone realizes you have a big heart!