Friday, March 21, 2008

Some odds and ends

I got this whole Larry King vibe going on today.

Why do so many insist in saying the Lord’s Prayer using Elizabethan English? Once, someone told me it’s because of the continuity; that is, they were able to pray the same way their ancestors did. I guess it depends on who your ancestors were. Some of mine barely spoke English, and I doubt they were conversant in Olde English. It’s just stupid.

I just saw some chocolate shop in Soho is selling chocolate covered bacon.
Just when you thought you saw it all. I guess they go with chocolate Easter eggs.

Barry Bonds still doesn’t have a job in the majors. I wonder if he were a different type of person, would there be a team willing to take him on? A bad attitude along with declining skills may just be the formula for his retirement. But before anyone feels sorry for him, he has had a long career and made many millions of dollars.

Vicodin is my favorite prescription drug. It has replaced Percosets in getting rid of my pain. I fully understand how someone could get addicted to them.

Game shows have changed so much over the years. Jeopardy required skill, even Wheel of Fortune required a little bit of puzzle solving ability (though not much.) Today’s popular game shows? Deal or no Deal. I like it, but it’s a guessing game. And when one gets to the point they have limited safety, they take the deal. Ok. I get it. DOND is pretty much just gambling, hosted by a comedian and pretty models.

Are You Smater Than a 5th Grader is Jeopardy for morons. The Price is Right is starting to look more like a challenge each day. Plinko rocks.